10 Little Known Facts From The Dog World

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10 Little Known Facts From The Dog World

by Rosie Harvey

There are certain facts that many people consider to be useless pieces of information, I?m sure you have come across some of these facts once in a while. Here are a few from the dog world.

Did You Know? In America there is more spent annually on dog food than on baby food? I always wondered why I never saw a baby rip into a 20 pouind bag of food?

Did You Know? Larger puppies take longer to be ready for adult food (up to 18 months) than smaller breeds, who can be ready as early as nine months.

Did You Know? The Iditarod is the world?s foremost sled race and up to 10,000 calories can be used up by sled dogs taking part. And you thought you had a tough work out.

Did You Know? The safest and hardest bone for your dog to chew out of all general livestock is the beef bone.

Did You Know? It is accepted that acupuncture treatment can help dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease (DJD) work through the pain. Numerous vets recommend holistic and alternative healing specialists just for dogs.

Did You Know? Those little particles of grass seed that can work their way into your dog?s paws, eyes, and mouth are also called foxtails.

Did You Know? The term 'Dudley' dates back to 1877 to a particular dog named Lord Dudley, who had liver coloured pigmentation of the nose and lips. Dogs who have noses that slowly fade from black and go lighter or go freckled with many lighter shades therefore having a liver coloured pigmentation are know to have a Dudley Nose.

Did You Know? When your dog is sniffing the air they can detect changes in the airflow around the face. This is because they have touch sensitive tiny hairs on their muzzle that allows them to do this. These hairs are known as Vibrissae.

Did You Know? It's not the bite of a flea that makes your dog itch it's the saliva from the flea which carries an allergic disorder.

Did You Know? A scorpion sting will normally only leave an area of irritation on your dogs skin and heal itself without medication.

Here?s another one just for luck!

Did You Know? All dogs do it and there is actually a name for it. The name for the eating of other animals? droppings is coprophagy.

Hope that last fact didn?t put you off your dinner ha! ha! As you can see these are a few fascinating facts from the dog world some funny some serious, I hope all of them were of interest.

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