10 Tips for New Puppy Owner

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10 Tips for New Puppy Owner

by Anbhu Selvan

1. Make a puppy bag: Take a puppy bag with you each time the pup goes along:

* Soft wet and dry rag(s) in a zip lock baggie
* Empty zip lock baggie that contain a "mess"
* Leash/collar or harness
* Treats/toy/tug/water
* Copy of attempt record

2. Have a support system: Start a list of the names and numbers of skilled dog people you could be called for advice, recommendations or simply to brag. Start this list using your breeder, veterinarian, trainer, feed store and as well then gather cards from "dog owners" you meet during excursions with your pup.

3. Chew treats: Puppies are normally known as chewing achines. That's how they discover their world. Much like human babies, everything just goes in their mouths. Especially at teething time, give your pup with a mixture of textures for chewing pleasure. Some of them are:

* Ice cubes
* Large carrots
* Toy with natural peanut butter rubbed
* the pup's searching tongue

4. When Pup meets cat: Separate the fresh pup from your house cat till the pup is tired. Make the first; manager?s introduction or get to know visit when the pup is vigor depleted. If your cat is tremendously testy, inquire with your veterinarian about mild sedation for the feline.

5. Not around puppy: Be aware what you do around your puppy. Spading weeds from your flowers might be a task for you. However, the dog might find it's a grand way to learn about digging holes.

6. Take it easy: Puppies are small balls of energy. Yet, they require lots of rest. Do not set your hope too high. Let your pup have ample of "down time." If you have children, verify they understand the puppy should have "time and space" to rest and be left alone.

7. Go for a walk: Soon these would be a magic. Take your puppy for a short walk daily. Exploring the world collectively is a great way to expose your puppy to new experiences. But remember: they tucker-out simply, so do not overdo.

8. Do not push it: Puppies learn superior when you do not effort to teach over at one time. Make the sessions short and good to end on a good note. Make sure the training is a real fun for the puppy and he/she would learn faster and would be keener to please. If the puppy is having complexity with one work-out, end on a good note and try again some another day.

9. Keep them occupied: A bored dog could be a critical dog. Give your puppy something that keeps it occupied. Toys are significant to excite a puppy's brain activity. Choose items, which won't confuse the pup. Chew toys, which look like shoes are not a good idea.

10. Love lasts: Your pup would be a mature dog before you know it. A dog is a lasting commitment. Some breeds live 15 years or even longer. That gorgeous puppy still requires love and care when it is mature. If you care for your pets, they would return the love many times over.

Anbhuselvan is an experienced dog care specialist and is also a good writer on the topic. Various products are designed and are available keeping in mind the dog?s comfort.

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