3 Common Dog Training Mistakes

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3 Common Dog Training Mistakes

by James C

If you are in the process of training your dog you know that it can be a frustrating task. Will they ever get it? People often make many mistakes during the training process that can greatly extend the necessary time to train your animal. Read this article and learn three of the most common dog training mistakes.

The first mistake that people make is giving up on the dog. It takes time to train your animal and you will not get resuls overnight. The trick is to stay consistent and be constantly reinforcing the training. If after a few days the dog still doesn't get it do not give up. It might take some time but eventually they will get it.

The second common mistake made when dog training is using negative reinforcement. You should reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. If you punish without rewarding you will end up with a dog who cowers all of the time. Do you want your animal to love you or be afraid of you? If your dog exhibits bad behavior, instead of punishing them, show them the right behavior and then reward them for it.

The last mistake that I will mention in this article is expecting too much from your dog. Remember they are just dogs. Do not expect them to pick up everything overnight and do not expect to be able to teach them every trick in the book. Just have patience and try to be reasonable in your expectations.

Training an animal is never easy. As long as you try to avoid making these common mistakes your training experience should go relatively smoothly. If you find that you do not have the skill or patience to train your animal consider hiring a professional. You might be glad you did in the long run. Good luck.

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