3 Dangers to Be Aware Of When You Go Hiking With Your Dog

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3 Dangers to Be Aware Of When You Go Hiking With Your Dog

by Charley Hwang

Forest Dangers: This is one of the favourite places that your dog love to explore, the deep forests and the natural woodlands is like heaven to him. There are so many things to uncover, countless of items to be discovered, and being able to indulge in its natural curiousity is most fun for your dog. A forest is full of mammal life, and it is suitable for hunting or trapping. Your dog may be in danger if it is exploring what it should not be.

In the northern part of the US, hunters set traps that are designed to trap furry animals. Woodland dogs may be attracted to the bait they use, and it has caused many unwanted accidents with family dogs. These traps are usually put in ditches where dogs like to explore.

The best precaution to take when your dogs are out roaming the lands is to be well aware of the hunting activities that go on around your area. Even if it is not hunting season, there may still be traps as the hunters and poaches may still be partially active in catching animals. The best safety measure to take is to put a bright orange hunter?s vest around your dog, which is available in certain suppliers. This will help hunters identify your dog as non-prey.

Prairies Chasing: This does not usually strike people as a potential threat, as they are not aggressive creatures and are usually afraid of most people and animals. But the problem is not in the prairies, but in the dogs, for the love chasing prairies. Dogs do not resort to chasing animals larger than them such as deer or bison, and they will prefer to chaise prairie animals that are small. If possible, they will even chase them up to miles at a time. Some dogs can chase prairies and got lost and never made it home. Some may be wounded along the way, or wandered off too far from home, and perhaps, attacked by a larger, hungry wild animal.

Foxtail Plants: If you have not heard of the foxtail plant, it is a common plant in grassland areas, and is usually located in large fields, or some roadsides. The plant is slender shaped, with long brushy spikes and it has seeds that contain spikes that will embed in the dog if your dog gets tangled up in it. The seeds contain barbs that points backwards, and this design will cause it to push deeper and deeper into your dog?s skin after puncturing and stabbing through the skin. This can cause infections and in serious situations, cause organ failure.

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