3 Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog From Becoming Obese

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3 Easy Steps To Stop Your Dog From Becoming Obese

by Dawn Rose

What's the old saying? Given enough time, the owner will look like their pet or is it a pet will look like the owner? Whichever it is dogs around the world are steadily becoming obese due to lack of exercise and over consumption. This not only affects their quality of life as a dog, but the extra body weight causes heart problems, leads to joint deterioration, shortens their lives and sometimes influences their behavior.

There are a few different ways you determine if your dog is obese by examining his or her body. For instance, place your pet between your legs in a standing position and look to see if his or her body slopes inward at the waist. Next, run your hands over their sides, from the front to back and see if you can easily feel their rib cage. Feel the base of their tail and determine if the bones are easily detectable. Or is there a mass of fat hiding there. Last but not least, view your dog's profile and see if his tummy is drooping, and he has a swayback.

Did your pet pass these tests? Could you feel their rib cage? Did their body slope in at their hips and were you able to feel their tailbone? If you answered no to these questions, your dog is probably obese. This is not the end of the world. There are things you can do to help get your puppy back on track to a fit and trim life. After all, a healthy hound is a happy hound. There are just two simple rules to getting your puppy back on track: more exercise and less food.

If you're not doing it already buy a plastic measuring cup for scoop and measure how much food you are feeding your dog every day. Consult your veterinarian on the recommended daily amounts. Get your dog on a meal schedule and stick to it. If your dog is used to eating twice a day, divide the amount of food they are to have in two to portions and feed one in the morning and one of the evening. Never let your dog eat at a constant supply of food. If you are doing this, stop immediately so that they cannot access it. Keep in mind putting your dog on a diet is like you going on a diet. Your pet is used to having food all the time and will probably be begging each time you sit down to dinner table. Remember, you have to be disciplined and not feed your pet table scraps.

The second thing you can do is exercise, and we all know that's a lot easier said than done, because that requires your participation. The simplest thing is to get the leash and go for a walk. If you couldn't justify spending an hour every day, walking with your pet. Not only would your pet realize almost instant results, but also so would you. If you don't have the time, drag those kids away from the TV and kick him out the door with leash in hand. If you have time to go to the park to play frisbee or maybe toss the ball. Set aside some time to go out in the backyard and throw the ball. There might not be as much space as the park but at least your dog will be exercising and increasing their life span.

Just remember the right diet and exercise for your pet dog will increase their life and make them feel better. But most of all, they will be more dedicated to you; because of the time you're spending with them.

You need to be strict when it comes to the amount of dog treats you give your pet. For detailed information on pet health care visit our site. There is hope for pets, but it starts with you!

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