4 Simple Steps to Find Unique Dog Beds at Rock Bottom Prices

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4 Simple Steps to Find Unique Dog Beds at Rock Bottom Prices

by Moses Wright

In the good olden days, it was a common sight to see dogs sleeping in a laundry basket with a self-made entrance at both sides of the basket plus a soft, washable cushion in it. Though the laundry basket did not look great, it at least possessed a useful function for the house dogs to have a good proper rest or sleep.

Today, it is becoming a trend for dog owners to get the most unique dog beds and dog accessories for their pets. From Windsor canopy bed to fanciful pink-feathered sofa or even a stretchy Hollywoof Limo, you can find these fanciful pet supplies easily in the market and one can simply buy any of these unique dog beds to pamper their dearly loved dogs. You can also take your time and effort to find an orthopedic dog bed that serves as a cushioning to your pet's joints and makes the dog feels young in heart.

Nevertheless, these unique dog beds are not free and most of them do not come cheap. If you are really interested in one of these dog beds, you must either be willing to set aside a big sum of money or some effort to invest on a unique bed for your beloved dog. The following article will show you some other ways where you can buy a unique dog bed at an affordable price.

1. Spent Some Time To Do Your Research

The first and foremost thing when finding a unique dog bed is to do some research about it. You can check out the related websites like http://www.glamoursog.com, http://www.spoiledrottendoggies.com and http://www.theritzyrover.com for more ideas to find your dream dog beds. After you find your dream bed, then the next step you should do is to negotiate or find the best price in the market.

2. Check Discount Sites For Best Price

You will need to pay $100 or more for a round-shaped Mammoth bed for large dogs. But a PetSmart bed which is designed for large dogs will only cost you as low as $40 although the disadvantage is that you will not have the bed in your preferred color and shape. But ultimately, it is the getting of a dog bed that will meet your dog's special requirements which is more important.

Intrigued by the idea of your dog sleeping on real-looking furniture? Well, then you can visit Petco.com to place an order for an iron framed bed or a spindle bed for an approximate sum of $200 which is less than what you will be paying at a designer site.

Alternatively, you can also check out these other informative sites at http://www.petmarket.com, http://www.cheappetstore.com and http://www.amazon.com. You might also want to check out these mega pet sites where they offer different items with deep discounts every month. Who knows, the dog bed you are eyeing for might just be one of the discounted item for that month.

3. Check out the Auction Sites for bargains

Through online auction sites, you can realize your fantasy of getting to see your beloved dog sleeping in his own limousine or relaxing happily in a frilly canopy bed at an amazing affordable price which you will never be able to get at those designer sites. The availability and prices are subject to quick changes on these auction sites but these sites also offer the highest possibly to help find the cheapest unique pink colored canopy dog bed for less than $25, or a petite size Cadillac for not more than $15. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to find one owner who is looking to sell a wrong size dog bed.

4. Make it Yourself At Home

If the task of sewing means peanuts to you, then you can consider making a dog bed for your best pal. From the websites like http://www.sewing.org and http://www.twocraftyladies.com, you can obtain informative details on the patterns and the steps needed to make a dog bed. If you are making your own dog bed, you need not have to confine yourself to a limited choice of colors and fabrics. You simply can choose whatever colors and materials you want, so long the material is washable. And the other best thing about having your home-made dog bed is that it will be the one and only piece ever made.

You do not need to rob a bank or end up penniless for getting a unique dog bed. The above suggestions are merely some of the tips to stir up your sense of creativity and make it a fun experience for you during the selection process while at the same time, maintains your practicality for not overspending.

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