4 Tips To Litter Train A Dog

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4 Tips To Litter Train A Dog

by Anthony Lee

And you thought litter boxes were only for cats. As it turns out, litter box can also be for dogs. That is for small dogs. Usually, it is the small dogs that stay inside an owner's home.

It makes sense to train your dog how to poop inside ? preferably in a litter box. Here are a few tips to litter train a dog.

1. Get a litter box. We suggest you get the largest cat litter you can find. Remove the top so it would be customized for the dog to use. It is also easier to clean in that way. Smooth out the edges by using sand paper, preferably a rough one. Know that dogs do their business more than cats. They also do not cover up their litter with soil. Dog poop is there for everybody to see.

2. If ever you catch your dog doing his business on another area and not on the litter box you already prepared for him, say "No!" Of course, your dog must have an idea of the verbal cues and keywords. If he understands what "no" is, he?d gather that you do not appreciate him pooping or peeing there. To correct it, you can lead him to the litter box. By constantly repeating this, your dog will understand your command.

3. Most importantly, you must help your dog to get used to his litter box. Encourage him to do his business there by praising him with the verbal cues "Good boy." You can also instill in him the command "use the box." In that way, it would be easier for you to get your point across.

4. The key is being consistent. The litter box should always be in that exact same spot. You talk to your dogs with a mellow and assured voice. In that way, they wouldn't be afraid of you. In fact, they would take you seriously and would also like to please you by following your commands.

After weeks of training, eight to ten at most, your dog would have already gotten used to his litter box. You can let him roam freely, without your watchful eye.

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