5 Basic Care for Family Dog

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5 Basic Care for Family Dog

by Leo Enoch

Prior to bringing a dog home, it must be understood that there is a responsibility of somebody who owns a dog to take care of it which will include feeding, providing shelter, health care and spending time with the dog.

Here are some essential care that you should look into before bringing a dog home:

1. Shelter.

What kind of home are you going to give for your dog? The answer to this question may depends on what kind of dog you have. Some dog will play most of their time outdoors while others in the house.

If you dog will stay most of the time outside the house, then some kind of dog house or kennel will be needed. Fences may also be necessary to keep the dog safely in the vicinity.

While for those who spend most of their time in the house, there are many kind of dog beds and indoor kennels that can suit your dog. Do keep in mind that the size of dog bed or basket for a puppy might be too small for an adult dog

Find out which one is the most suitable for the type of dogs you are bringing home

2. Health Care

A new dog or puppy should see the veterinary for a check up of their health and they might need vaccination against sicknesses. It is also essential to see the vets before bringing your dog home as you can get a proper opinion on proper diet, work out and grooming for your dog.

Your dog should be taken for a scheduled check up each year, some vet might suggest your dog to be spayed for female dog or neutered for a male dog. A healthier dog will certainly be a better companion for you.

3. Feeding

Before bringing back home your new dog, make sure you have some food, food bowl, water bowl ready. If it is a puppy, it is also good to have things it can chew on such as nylon bones, squeaky toys, and other toys that is not dangerous for chewing. Do not give them scrap bones as it might choke them and caused them harm.

Regular feeding is a critical part of taking care of your dog. This will of course be established by the dog size, type of breed, health and activity level. You must find out information on proper diet and feeding schedule from the dog breeder or when you bring the dog to see the vet.

I do not really believe in buying any commercial dog food off the shelves as a lot of these foods have poison that can harm your dog. Read the labels before buying.

Finding out more from your vet is a much better and wiser decision when deciding which food to give to your dog.

4. Exercise

Right Amount of Exercise without any doubt play an important role to the positive growth of the dog. However dog owner should be cautious to match the amount of exercise to the age and ability of the dog.

Through exercise, dogs are exposed to interact more with people, surrounding or even other animals. It will extend the dog personality and skills which will make the dog a happier dog which will create a more fruitful and rewarding relationship with its owner.

5. Training

Training is critical for the safety of the dog and the people around it. Obedience training is crucial in the early growth period of the dog. Dog Training can solve almost all behavior problems that the dog will likely to have like aggression, biting, destructive chewing, jumping, etc.

The question will be, if you should conduct your own dog training or leave it to the professional dog trainer. Since Dog Training is a life long process of dog ownership, it is important that you learn how to train your dog especially for basic obedience command and skills that the dog should has.

Skills like eliminating outside the house, staying still at your command. Getting a good dog training manual is essential as correctly training your dog will give you much satisfaction which will has incredible positive impact on your dog.

These 5 basic care should be prepared before bringing home your new found dog. Following these will prepare you for a more fruitful and joyful relationship with your dog

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