5 Important Dog Training Tips

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5 Important Dog Training Tips

by Leslie Pinczi

When it comes to dog training, you will find hundreds of tips, which vary from one trainer and dog to another. For this reason, it is important that you always consider the breed and exact dog you are having trained or training since one way of training that works for one dog may actually cause more problems with another dog. In addition, you can certainly teach your dog both basic and advanced commands but many times, working with a licensed and trained professional is the best and quickest way to get the desired results.

Keep in mind that when it comes to training a dog, a number of methods would work. Therefore, if one method does not work, try another method. We do recommend when hiring a professional, you be involved with the training process. More and more, professional trainers want the dog owner to train alongside so the dog becomes accustomed to your handling too.

1. Name Calling ? When trying to get your dog?s attention, use his name often. In addition to building a rapport with your pet, you are also putting yourself in a position of authority of being the master.

2. Enforcement ? When you give your dog a command, enforce it. For instance, if you tell your dog to sit and he just looks at you with those big, sad eyes, rather than think he looks cute, make him sit. Remember, he is waiting to see just how serious you are about his training.

3. Timing ? Good communication with the right timing will go a long way in the training process. In other words, if your dog were in a grumpy mood, obviously training would only become a hindrance. Therefore, in addition to communicating with your dog, make sure you choose the right time for the message to get across.

4. Positive Reinforcement ? While sometimes firmness is required during training, you will find you get more results by offering your dog petting and small treats, as positive reinforcement.

5. Punishment ? When your dog has done something wrong, never call him to you and then punish him. The result in this case would be him becoming fearful of you so when you do need him to come, he will likely run the other way.

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