5 Rules to Raising a Happy Healthy Puppy

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5 Rules to Raising a Happy Healthy Puppy

by Jason Mann

We have a lot to cover so I'm going to beat around the bush. Let's dive right in...

Rule #1: The puppy should never be left unattended in the house or outside. You can't stop your puppy from chewing on shoes or peeing on the floor if you are not paying attention.

Watching your puppy at all times when they are running around the house allows you to stop the problems before they start.

In other words, if you see your dog getting ready to chew on a shoe, you can tell her No! and offer her an acceptable chew toy. This is how you stop the chewing problem in it's tracks. If they are never allowed to chew on shoes, they won't develop the habit.

Rule #2: When outside the puppy is always on a 20-25 foot cotton leash.

Once again, how can you expect your puppy to come to you or pay attention to you if they run off and you have to go chase them down? You can't.

Having them on a long line at all times when outside gives you control and the ability to "reel" your puppy in if they are doing something they shouldn't (digging in the garden.)

We are not punishing them for anything, we are limiting their freedom and building leash tolerance for later leash training.

Rule #3: When the puppy can not be supervised it is kenneled (referred to as crated).

A wire kennel from the local pet store will work fine in this situation. You can use this kennel to keep your puppy safe when you can not supervise them.

Another use for this is potty training.

Do not leave your puppy in the kennel for more than 3 hours at a time.

Rule #4: You and only you feed your puppy. This is important.

We are not teaching them to be mean or whatever. We are teaching them that you are the provider of all things good and other people after some time will be allowed to interact with the puppy too.

However, they should not feed, give treats, or walk your puppy. That is your job. They should not be able to play with the puppy without you around either.

This goes for the wife, kids, husband, friends etc...

We have to build a bond before we start socializing the puppy.

Rule #5: LOVE THEM. This is one of my pet peeves with us dog people. Nearly every single behavior problem is caused by too much attention and love.

Let me explain.

Dogs are animals. Then they are dogs. Then they are a breed of dog. Then they are our friends.

If we neglect the animal instincts, dog instincts and breed instincts and only treat them with love and attention all the time, they fall out of balance and start to compensate for the lack of these things by doing things we as people consider "problems."

For example, carrying your Yorkie in bag, while very Paris Hilton like, is not good for them because they do not get exercise and do not burn off energy. They compensate by being little freaks that go nuts and run around like a wind up toy gone on the fritz.

In this case, the owner is serving their needs (fashionable, popular, cute, makes them feel neat) while making the poor dog suffer and the dog compensates by acting up.

Without proper boundaries, rules and discipline dogs will make up for the lack of these things on their own and start to show behavior problems.

By properly setting up rules, boundaries and serving the puppies needs before yours. You will set yourself and them up for a healthy relationship for life.

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