5 Simple Facts That the Top Dog Foods May Be Killing Your Dog

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5 Simple Facts That the Top Dog Foods May Be Killing Your Dog

by Bruce Dinger

5 Simple Facts Why the Top Dog Foods May Be Killing Your Dog

Have you ever stopped to think that the top dog foods on the market may be, in fact, bad for your beloved dog?

If you are like most people, no, you haven't. Humans, like dogs, are very trusting in their nature. We see, read, and hear all the ads that the producers of the top dog foods put out, and we believe them? Why?

1.) Because we just do

2.) We can't understand the labels that are on the bags or cans of any of the generic or even major brands of top dog foods.

Now, not all dog food companies produce unhealthy dog food. But, if you actually did the research on it, you would probably find that the vast majority of the dog foods are not what they really should be.

Here are some reasons why:

1.) The dog food label may say that the food contains the essential nutrients for your dog. However, this is misleading. Depending on who you talk to, there may be 30 or 40 essential nutrients, but in many of the top dog foods, you are lucky to get maybe 10.

So, yes your dog food has the essential nutrients, but only a small percentage of them.

2.) Dog foods are loaded with preservatives so they don't spoil so quickly.

We can understand how preservatives affect our dogs if we look at humans and the studies done on preservatives and dieting. It is common knowledge that most dieticians say to avoid highly processed foods with a lot of preservatives. Why? Because too much is unhealthy.

High amounts of preservatives in dog foods, when consumed daily, store themselves in the dog's body and eventually start to destroy it, causing weakened and unhealthy pets susceptible to countless disorders and diseases.

3.) Labels are often misleading when they say the food is chemical and preservative free.

You may think - how could this be. Simply stated, dog food producers don't make all the ingredients themselves. They might not add any special chemicals, but when they purchase an ingredient from some other company, it may very well have the chemicals and preservatives already added in.

4.) All proteins are not created equal.

Many manufacturers state that their food contains proteins necessary for your dog. But there are different kinds of proteins and some are better than others, so which are in your dog food? The good ones or the bad ones?

5.) You might agree that this happens in the generic dog foods, but it probably happens in the brands of top dog foods also - and that is some of the ingredients are ?, well, they are too disgusting to mention here. You can find what these ingredients are by looking on the net or simply keep reading. But believe me. They are horrific and not good for your dog. We humans would never consider eating them!

In summary, you have just read 5 facts to consider when purchasing name-brand top dog foods or cheap generic brands of dog food. All of these facts have a major impact on the health and longevity of your dog.

Your dog's health and livelihood are based upon what it eats. A good diet will increase your dog's life, and give him better health, a better coat of hair, better teeth, a better character, a better disposition, and many many more benefits.

So the next time you are out shopping, don't just automatically buy one of the top dog foods product, but read the label and start to understand what is really in the food you are feeding your dog.

Lastly, please remember that the producers of the top dog foods do not necessarily have the health of your dog as their number one interest.

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