5 Simple Rules To House Break Your Puppy

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5 Simple Rules To House Break Your Puppy

by Shawn Clark

I am often asked by visitors to my website ?I?ve tried everything and my puppy just won?t learn, I guess we will have to hire professional help?. Wrong! In this brief tutorial on how to house break your puppy I will review the 5 basic steps you must follow in order to properly train your puppy. Warning, there is no magic solution to house break your puppy. It takes hard work, dedication, and consistency. If done correctly, you will save yourself a lot of headache and create en excellent owner dog relationship. Let?s get started.

1.Start early ? Although puppies do not acquire the muscle strength necessary to hold their bladder until the 12 ? 14 week mark, it is good practice to bring your puppy out 10 -15 minutes after the completion of a meal or water. The more often you can bring your dog outside through the day, the better chances your dog will relieve him/herself outside, which will allow you to give extensive praise (verbal, petting, & treats).

2.Devote Time ? If you cannot devote the proper time to training your puppy, then you cannot expect positive results. In a world of 9-5 jobs and all family members at work or school this can be difficult. Take advantage of whatever time you have to bring your dog out for bathroom breaks. Get the whole family involved and consider the possibility of a dog sitter if you realize your schedule will not allow you to enforce the rules a dog must learn in order to be properly house broken.

3.Be Consistent ? Puppies want to please their owners at all costs. However, they must be made to understand what actives receive praise and what do not. If you catch your dog in the act of going in the house, this is the perfect opportunity to communicate that this is a bad behavior. Immediately remove your dog from the house, even if still in the process of going! You MUST link going outside with going to the bathroom. Often time owners will undo all of their hard work by not bringing the dog out if he/she has already had an accident. This is the worst thing you can do! You must whenever possible remove the dog from the house after an accident.

4.Praise & Discipline ? Remember when you were a child and your parents were trying to teach you what is wrong and what is right? It was done through positive & negative reinforcement based on your actions. Dogs are no exception. In the event that your dog is caught going to the bathroom in the house you must implement a spray bottle or nose flick. (DO NOT hit your puppy!) Some owners believe in hitting their puppy and then are confused when their cute little puppy grows into a vicious pet. As mentioned a simple spray of water will get the point across. If your dog is successful you must react with great excitement followed by reward in the form of verbal & physical praise, as well as treats. Dogs want nothing more than to please their owner and praise is the greatest reward they can get!

5.Be Patient ? House Breaking a puppy does not happen overnight. The results often verify from breed to breed and dog to dog. However, there is one strong correlation between success and failure. Patience and Understanding how your dog is communicating the need to go outside. (ex. Walking in circles or waiting by the door). The more time, patience, and consistent behavior your exhibit the faster and more efficient your dog will become house broken.

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