5 Top Tips For Dog Owners

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5 Top Tips For Dog Owners

by David P Lee

If you have a dog, it goes without saying that you want to establish a happy and healthy relationship with him. Knowing how to understand your canine friend is the key to enjoying him. There are five very important things you need to know so you can begin to create the perfect relationship with your new pet.

#1 Tip ? Veterinarians

First of all, you are going to have to visit a veterinarian sometimes. That is a given. Your new dog will need vaccinations, checkups and he might get sick sometimes. Vets cost money and it might be a good idea to check out pet insurance. The cost depends on what procedures or treatment your dog needs. The main thing is to realize that you will have to spend money on your pet. So find out what you can expect to spend every six months on vet bills, vaccinations, flea control products, etc and start saving!

Second 'need to know' - whos in charge?

Dogs do like to pretend to be in charge of everything but the truth is that you are the boss so you have to set rules consistently and enforce them. Dogs are intelligent creatures and are able to follow rules. They are also able to casually break them and pretend not to know better. If you are not strict with them over some misbehavior, they will continue behaving in that way. In some ways, you can treat a dog like a child. Be patient but firm.

#3 Tip ? Routinely Speaking

Dogs like routines. They like habits and they like things done a certain way. They know what time they get fed, what they are expected to do and when they can expect a walk. Meal times should be consistent and the dog needs to sleep in the same place every night. Even if you find routines dull, your dog finds them comforting.

Fourth 'need to know' - dont skip on exercise and food

Humans need food and humans need exercise, the same is true for your dog. Living a healthy life, free from illnesses, means ensuring they have plenty of exercise. It also means that you provide them with a healthy diet, foods that are good for your dog. Table scraps and treats should be reserved for occasions when the dog has been particularly good or something special occurs, they should not be a regular everyday occurrence.

Fifth 'need to know' - prepare yourself for the excited puppy!

Puppies love to chew things. If you have ever left an excitable puppy and a shoe alone together, you know what I mean. They will chew anything from clothing to electrical cords or television remote controls. This can be dangerous as well as inconvenient. You need to keep things out of the dog?s reach and teach them that only chew toys are to be chewed. You should ensure that your puppy or dog has a few chew toys of varying shapes and textures, so he does not get bored and chew your furnishings instead. You can buy chew toys from your veterinarian or any pet store. Use proper dog chew toys to ensure they are non-toxic.

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