6 Steps To Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth For The First Time

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6 Steps To Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth For The First Time

by Rosie Harvey

Before attempting to clean your dog?s teeth for the first time you will need the following items:

Soft cloth,
Dog tooth brush and toothpaste (get these from your vet or pet store)

As with all new things this may take some time for your dog to accept so do each step in different sessions and build up both yours and your dogs confidence in the whole process (always do steps 1 and 2). Here are the 6 basic steps to cleaning your dog?s teeth for the first time.

Step 1, If you don't know how your dog will react to having their teeth cleaned for the first time make sure they are wearing a muzzle.

Step 2, You will accomplish more by ensuring your dog is relaxed at all times.

Step 3, Gently rub round your dog?s teeth with your finger. Stop this step before your dog begins to get bored or starts to struggle. You cannot move onto the next step in the process until your dog has accepted this element.

Step 4, Wrap a soft cloth around your finger and dip it in gravy to give the dog a nice taste, then slip your clothed finger gently inside the lips and rub round your dog?s teeth. Do not move onto the next step until your dog is happy with this session.

Step 5, Now you can introduce the toothbrush. No toothpaste yet just the toothbrush. At this point you need the dog to accept the toothbrush before the taste of toothpaste is brought into play. As with your finger, gently rub the toothbrush round your dog?s teeth in a circular motion making sure you at least reach the outside of every tooth if possible. Your dog must tolerates this part of the process before you move onto the final step.

Step 6, Now it's time to introduce the toothpaste. To ensure the toothpaste doesn?t get licked off press it into the bristles of the toothbrush. If you can, lift the dog?s lip up to show the teeth and then brush the teeth at an angle moving the toothbrush in a circular motion ensuring you reach every tooth and the area where the tooth meets the gum. Aim to do 10 brush strokes on each tooth.

During this whole process ensure you praise your dog at every opportunity and before starting any session ensure sure your dog is relaxed as this will make it easier for them to accept what you are doing.

It is of utmost importance to ensure you at least clean the outside of every tooth especially the large ones at the back of the mouth. That doesn?t mean you don?t have to do the inside of the teeth as well if you can though.

Keep your sessions short to begin with and always finish a session whenever you can whilst your dog is behaving well remembering to praise that good behaviour throughout the session. If your dog starts to get agitated at any time stop what you are doing and don't try that part of the process again until your dog is relaxed once more.

The best solution to your dog?s dental care is no different to our own. Daily brushing will prevent most dental problems and remains the best solution.

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