7 Keys to Effective House Training Your Dog

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7 Keys to Effective House Training Your Dog

by Leo Enoch

You love dogs or you just got a new puppy, but you just can't seem to comprehend how to successfully house train them.

Below I present to you the keys to be successful in house training your dog: 1. House training your dog calls for the support of your whole family member. Excellent house training comes from consistency in you and your family conduct towards the dog by knowing and following the routines and understanding the rules set forth for the dog.

2. Understanding the history of the dog you are bringing home, like the breed, the age, where the dog comes from, whether the dog come from a well trained family or from the shelter. One breed is easier to house train where others maybe a little bit more challenging and therefore you must be emotionally prepared for it. House training is best conducted when the dog is still young, If the dog is already matured and have not gone house training, then it will be tougher to house train him but you should not hold back from it, as House training your dog will go a long way and it is for sure worth it.

3. It is much easier to set up new good habit than breaking an old bad habit. So instill new habit instead of trying to remove your dog bad habit, it is surely takes a lot more effort, whenever you can always establish good habit from the start, when you can't dispose the old bad habit, try to replace the old habit with new and more exciting habit for your dog.

4. Whenever possible, you should house train your dog yourself instead of placing it into the hand of professional dog trainer, this way you can have an enjoyable and meaningful relationship with your dog. Enjoy the process and enjoy each other companion, this will make house training a much easier process.

5. Think about what role and part of the family, your dog will play even before arriving with the dog home. There are things you have to think about like, which part of the house is your dog allowed to enter, where he should be sleeping, is there anything in the house that can cause accident to your dog, how does your dog will increase your cleaning up work? and many more consideration. Once you think this through, you will be able to prepare well and put all this factors into your house training materials.

6.Establish a schedule and live by it. Whether the dog is young or has been abused, setting the routines ease them as they will slowly understand and know what is coming. Of course to be successful, you should establish routine in conjunction to your family routine and schedule. Be persistent and patient while conducting the routines as not all dogs able to learn house training in such a short period of time.

7. Set aside consistent locations for your dog, such as potty place, sleeping place, etc. Don't change these location as it may confused your dog. Dogs not only need consistent schedule and command, they also need consistent place.

That is 7 method to successfully house train your dog. House training your dog early will definitely provide the path to meaningful relationship between you and your dogs

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