9 Sit Stay Fetch Tips To Rapid Dog Toilet Training

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9 Sit Stay Fetch Tips To Rapid Dog Toilet Training

by Jason Oh

Teaching a dog to 'Sit Stay Fetch' is difficult but potty training a puppy is one of the biggest challenges facing dog owners.

Experts tout many different methods of potty training. Some of them work for some puppies or they would not have become popular.

Puppies learn new skills at different rates. Your puppy will need time to develop a firm understanding of where it is acceptable to potty and where it is not.

Understandably, there will be many accidents, especially at first. Focus on correcting their potty behaviours.

Below are 9 Sit Stay Fetch Tips to Dog Toilet Training

1) Plan in advance how and where your puppy is going to relieve himself.

2) Plan in advance how and to paper train the puppy, indoors or outdoors? If it is indoors lay the paper down near a door.

3) Learn the clues that indicate your puppy needs to potty. These clues are: restlessness, sniffing the floor, or returning to a previously soiled spot. Your pup will need to potty about 5-20 minutes after eating, sleeping or playing.

4) Like a child, a Puppy has a small bladder but the difference is, there are no 'pup nappies' to collect the accidental waste. And hence a puppy needs constant supervision till such time they have the right idea.

5) Anticipate it - Keep a track of the time your puppy needs before he relieves himself. Once you have the timing of the puppy's bodily function, use it as a rough guide to knowing the next 'relief' session.

Knowing in advance will give you the opportunity to take the puppy out 5-10 minutes prior.

6) Puppies need to relieve themselves frequently, sometimes as often as once an hour. If possible, at least once per hour, take your new puppy potty as often as possible in the early stages of his house training.

7) Consistent pattern - Train your puppy to go to the right area with a set pattern and encourage your puppy to relieve himself there every time. Hence, when you take your puppy outside to potty, take them to to the same spot each time and do not play.

As soon as your puppy reliefs, praise the puppy.

8) Always accompany the puppy and check that the puppy has relieved completely.

9) There are going to be accidents, so stay calm. Do not hit a puppy for their accidents or rub a puppy's nose in his or her mistakes. Just clean up the mess and disinfect the area.

House training requires consistency and a schedule. By using the same set pattern, you will reinforce the correct potty behaviour.

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