9 Tips to Ensure That Your Dog Remains Healthy and Happy

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9 Tips to Ensure That Your Dog Remains Healthy and Happy

by Kristi Patrice Carter

If you?re a dog owner who absolutely loves your dog, then you want the best for him. After all, your pooch provides you with closeness, unconditional love, understanding and companionship, right? Well, doesn?t it make sense that you?ll want to reward him with the same? Isn?t it true that you want him to stay healthy and happy?

1. Walk him often. Walking is not only good for your dog, it is also good exercise for you. By taking him on daily walks, you?re providing him with exercise for a healthy heart, but walking will also stimulate his mind as he gets to witness a change in environment.

2. Don?t overfeed. Just like people, dogs can become overweight. This not only causes them unnecessary heart stress, but also puts them at risk for many obesity related illnesses. Therefore, you should always make sure that you provide him with a healthy lean diet and don?t overfeed him. In fact, most veterinarians recommend that treats be strictly limited as these can lead to excess weight gain.

3. Provide preventive care. Just like people, dogs need regular checkups. Always make sure that you bring in your dog for yearly checkups. This will ensure that he remains in good health and that any potential illnesses are detected and effectively treated.

4. Stay current on vaccinations. Yes, no one likes to see their dog get shots, but it is paramount that you keep yours properly vaccinated. This will not only protect him from dangerous illnesses, but will also keep you from getting sued. For instance, if your dog bites someone and has rabies then you can be sued for not properly vaccinating him.

5. Evaluate him. Always evaluate your dog for signs of fleas, worms and other infections. Keep on the lookout for any changes in behavior or smells emanating from his ears or mouth. These can be signs of an ear or tooth infection. By carefully evaluating him, you?ll be able to detect any conditions and get him the proper care and attention.

6. Brush his teeth. Periodontial disease is quite rampant in canines. Therefore, you have to make sure that you brush his teeth on a regular basis to prevent this type of disease. In addition, you?ll need to have his teeth cleaned regularly which will help eliminate plaque build up.

7. Groom him. No one (but your dog himself) likes a smelly pooch. So, make sure that you bathe and groom him regularly.

8. Play with him. Dogs love attention from their owners, so shower your dog with affection. You can even take your dog in your car and just go for a leisurely ride. Just make sure that you never leave him in a hot car as he can suffocate.

9. Love him unconditionally. Dogs give much love and they deserve the same back. By loving your pooch unconditionally, you?ll ensure that he?ll remain happy and devoted to you for a very long time!

As a responsible dog owner, you have been entrusted with the important responsibility of loving and caring for your dog to the best of your ability. By following the above tips, you can ensure that your dog has a happy and fulfilled life of happiness and good health.

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