A Couple of Free Dog Training Tips When Training Has Its Most Influence

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A Couple of Free Dog Training Tips When Training Has Its Most Influence

by DG Armstrong

When it comes to dog training there are no secrets.

The simplest of tasks for an experienced dog master could be the hardest of tasks for the beginner. There are no magic potions, or miracle sayings that can make your dog do what you want.

You have to spend time with him, loving him and training him.

Many people seem to ?have a way with dogs? in the sense that they can ask your dog to do anything and your dog will adhere to their command.

You try the exact same command five minutes later and your dog just stares at you blankly. It's true, some people have more of a chance of getting dogs to do what they say.

Not because of some aura around them but because of experience and tone of voice.

And that brings us to the first dog training tip:

Your Tone of Voice.

Your dog needs to know that you mean business, but at the same time know that you?re not angry at him.

You must find a tone of voice that shows dominance AND compassion.

If you are constantly shouting at your dog he is going to get used to it, and tune you out. ( Much the same as some kids.)

He will not know when he is doing something bad because, he doesn?t know when he is doing something good.

Another great dog training tip:

Praise and Attention

Dogs wont learn the difference between good and bad unless they get treated differently.

When your dog does something bad don?t roar at him, firmly tell him he was bad and not to do it again. Then when he does it right shower him with cuddles, treats and praise.

Dogs come to learn that when they do something they are told, they will get rewarded. After a while it just becomes second nature to them.

Of course praise is still needed!

The best time to train your dog, as it turns out,is, when they are 3-16 weeks old.

It's at this time, that training has its most beneficial influence, and moulds him/her into the type of dog they will become for the rest of their lives.

Remember all dog training tips are different, and one dog is not the same as another.

Try a variety of the dog training tips.

Just be aware, however, that some may work, some may not.

By trying an assortment of different tips and tricks you're giving your dog the best possible start in life.

D.G. Armstrong writes articles to help Man's Best Friend and suggests that if you would like a way to train your dog in as little as a Day and a Half Click Here... (However, this is ONLY for serious people who want a calm, obedient and faithful dog, no matter how out of control he is!)

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