A Dog Food Dilemma

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A Dog Food Dilemma

by Eric Hartwell

There seems to be a conflict of opinions where dog food is concerned. Gone are the days when dogs were merely fed with table scraps. Moreover, a pet owner obviously cannot expect his dog to hunt because a wild dog is far removed from a domesticated one. Dogs are definitely more pampered nowadays, and animal doctors have advised dog owners that table scraps do not provide dogs with proper nutrition.

Traditional versus modern beliefs

Despite this, there are still a lot of dog owners who have chosen to disregard recent practices and have stuck to the traditional way of feeding one?s dog. Whatever the master eats, his best friend is able to eat it as well. While this is not entirely bad, there are those who believe that this kind of diet should be complemented with additional vitamins and dog food for it to be considered healthy.

An important matter that was brought to attention of dog owners is the increase in the rate of deterioration of dogs? health ever since mass-produced dog food products were introduced in the market. It has been said that the chemicals and synthetic processes involving a number of dog food are actually doing dogs more harm than good.

If such is the case, what will you feed your dog? This is your decision. However there also recent studies that suggest there are dog food that is more suitable to your dog compared to your own food. If you are confused, it is best to consult an animal doctor on the next course of action where your dog?s meals are concerned.

Meanwhile, here are a few more facts about dog food that you may be interested to know?

Classifications of dog food

The first type of dog food is the grocery dog food, which as the name suggests, can easily be bought in your local food or grocery store. Often, these are the mass-produced dog foods that are said to be of low quality. Thus, this is also the cheapest type of dog food available in the market.

The next type is considered the premium dog food. These may also be available in your community food tore but they are made of better ingredients and are of higher quality compared to the first type. Despite being called premium dog food, they are not necessarily void of artificial elements and chemical preservatives.

The last type of dog food is called healthy food. This is the most recent addition to the dog food types available in the market and are said to be most nutritious. This type is more specialized in its ingredients and quality and is made available through your local vet or through online sales. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer or distributor is also possible for this type.

While there are differences in opinion where dog food is concerned, it is best to consult a professional regarding your dog?s special health needs. Furthermore, it is advised that your dog be observed to test which method is most beneficial to your pet?s welfare.

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