A Doggie Treat Is A Fantastic Way To Reward Your Dog Just Make Sure The Treat Is Safe For Your Pet

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A Doggie Treat Is A Fantastic Way To Reward Your Dog Just Make Sure The Treat Is Safe For Your Pet

by Tim Gorman

Dog lovers treat their pet like a child. Pets depend on their owners for food and shelter. In return, dog owners get devotion and unconditional love. It is unfortunate that the costs of caring for pets cannot be a deduction on income tax. During their lifetime, pet owners spend a great deal of money to keep their pets well fed, happy and free from illness.

We take our pets to the park for walks. We reward them for good behavior and punish them when their behavior is not so good. One way to reward a pet is with a doggie treat. We know that the type and quality of dog food is important. But dog owners have to consider everything a dog ingests can have an affect on the health of the dog.

A doggie treat is a reward that indicates you are happy with the activity or behavior that the exhibited. There is no better way to reward your dog. Giving a treat is a positive experience not only for the dog but for the owner. The treat is not the staple dog food of the dog?s diet. Dogs are so special that since we treat them like our children. We use the same psychology to give reward for good behavior and to coach and deny them when they do not follow the rules.

This year alone pet lovers will spend $36 billion on everything from gourmet puppy chow to designer doggy duds. A market for dog food has always been part of this landscape but doggie treats are emerging as a separate entity.

Some of these new doggie treats have had some disastrous results. In a recent CNN special, the headline struck fear in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. Thirteen dogs died after being fed a top selling pet treat. This story was reported by veterinarians and devastated dog owners to CNN.

This treat made of compressed vegetables caused blockage in the dogs intestine. The news reported on a dog treat called Greenies that sold 25 million individual treats around the world, nearly three times the sales of its nearest competitor Milk Bone, caused the death of 13 dogs in the Minnesota area

The spokesperson for the company stated that ?"At the end of the day ... literally millions of Greenies are enjoyed by dogs on a weekly basis with absolutely no incidents,"

Some dog lovers rolled up their sleeve to prepare home made dog treats to insure that only the purest ingredients are included in the mix. Dog owners are looking for treats that have no preservatives or other artificial ingredients. Dog owners who decide to cook up their own dog treats should remember that dogs can have allergic reaction to food. Your pet may develop itchy skin, rashes or other problems.

The preferred size of the treat for dogs is bite-size. The second most popular doggie treat is Milk bone that has proven safe for dogs for year. The most popular treat Some other dog treats are chewy, There are all natural, jerky-style treats. There are hard doggie biscuits, crackers and doggie cookies. You can rotate the kinds of treat you select until you find one that your dog particularly likes.

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