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A Dogs First Toy

by Randy Jones

Because of the dogs great interest in chewing on things it?s a good idea to let him have one or two toys that he can keep in his play area. Give him a ball or had natural rubber, or a strip of hard leather. Wooden toys, soft rubber toys, or anything else that may be torn up too easily are on the forbidden list.

Anything that comes loose in his mouth will be swallowed, and a piece of soft rubber can end up blocking his small intestines, which can either make a very sick pup out of him or kill him. The danger of wooden toys is obvious, what with the possibility of splinters cutting his mouth or lodging in his throat or stomach.

Anything you get him should be thoroughly examined both before and after giving it to him. Before buying it, give it a thorough test with your fingernails. If you can pry up a bit of it that way, do not consider it. After you have given him something, watch carefully for a few minutes to see what he does with it. If he is able to chew small pieces off, take it away from him and throw it away.

His chewing also serves the purpose of helping along his teething. An excellent toy to give him is one of the specially treated natural bones. You can let him have one of these in complete confidence, as it is impossible for him to hurt himself by chewing on it. And don?t worry if his chewing seems highly violent and likely to knock out a tooth. Pups will lose two sets of baby teeth before they get their adult set.

You can also give him a clean old rag to chew on, or an old sock with a knot tied in the middle of it. As a good general rule, do not give him anything as a plaything that may be forbidden to him. Old shoes or gloves may seem ideal, but he has no way of distinguishing between the old and the new shoes or gloves, etc. nylon rope toys are also safe and very effective in removing plaque from the teeth, and there pretty much indestructible. If you observe common sense in choosing him a toy, he will be safe and content for hours on end.

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