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A Dogs Life

by Michele Rogers

A dog, mans best friend, or a ladies best friend too. A lot of people have a dog for their best friend. Many people take joy in getting fresh air with their furry four legged friend. Dogs are very faithful to their masters. They love them without ever asking for much in return. An occasional pat on the head and a brushing or grooming may do the trick for showing their love.

Many dogs today are greatly abused. It is terrible to leave a dog out side all day long while we humans work hours. Leaving a dog outside is necessary, but in that do they have a cool place to lay or sit? Do they have food and fresh water? These are things that need to be considered when caring for a dog.

Dogs in their own way are humans. We should care for them like we care for small children. There are many dog parks out there to take our furry counterparts too. Matter of fact it would not hurt us humans either if we were to get out and away from the rat race.

Now days there are animal cops that crack down on the abusive humans. They are to be commended on jobs well done. What humans do to dogs is a terrible site. The care we give some is atrocious.

In loving an animal we should take into consideration the size of our home. If you have a small home, condo or an apartment, then you should consider no animal, or a very small pet, versus a dog. Dogs are not meant to be cooped up. In a larger home with ample back yard for the dog to play in would be ok. In choosing the right sized dog, just consider how much they weight. Compare the weight to a human. This will give a guide. If the dog is 20 pounds you may consider this a small to medium build dog. This dog would be ok for a condo. Any dog larger, you may want to reconsider.

Dogs have always been faithful to us humans. They do not look for much and they ask for little in return. A dog that has proper training and love will be the perfect pet!

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