A Warning to All Dogs Halloween Costumes How to Escape Them

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A Warning to All Dogs Halloween Costumes How to Escape Them

by Katie Shellhorse

Did you know that it is fast approaching the scariest time of the year? There will be a day this month when your owners will suddenly decide that you MUST wear a silly little outfit, complete with a silly little hat and why not some silly little shoes! GASP, a Halloween costume for dogs. The nerve of them trying to shove you into these crazy things while you slink away, desperately trying to find the first object to hide under. Now that you're in the know, let's go over your options:

A. Run away and join the circus
B. Hide under the bed and never come out
C. Tell your family about Kustom Kanine's custom Halloween dog t-shirts

Let's review. A is not an option unless you have some sort of talent and enjoy sleeping next to an snoring, smelly elephant. B is not that great because there's not much food under there and dust bunnies don't taste too good. C is a wonderful option because you don't have to wear that ridiculous-looking, uncomfortable-feeling, silly little outfit; yet your family can still dress you up for Halloween.

So head on over to www.kustomkanine.com and get a cute & comfortable Halloween doggie tee.

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Does he have a unique personality?
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