Adopt a Greyhound They Are Docile and Great With Children

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Adopt a Greyhound They Are Docile and Great With Children

by TM Xavier

Did you know that Greyhounds are the only canine mentioned in the Holy Scriptures? (Proverbs 30:29-31).

This breed dates back to ancient history for Pharaohs rated Greyhounds first amongst all animals, both as pets and hunters. Paintings of dogs similar to today's Greyhound existed over 4,000 years ago.

History indicates that the breed arrived in England over 3,500 years ago and Greyhound's link with nobility was recorded at around 1014 when king Canute enacted the Forest Laws which stated only noblemen could own and hunt with Greyhounds.

The Greyhound was imported to America around late 1800s to assist farmers in the Jackrabbit control, which was the culprit for destruction of crops.

Originally hunting dogs and later racing dogs. The first circular racing track opened in 1919 in Emeryville, California and the racing industry in America was on its way...

A Greyhounds life begins after a 60 day gestation period. About two months after birth the litter, which ranges from 5 to 9 pups, is ready to to begin exercising their legs. At 3 months old, these pups are given an identifying tattoo and owners must register them with the National Greyhound Association, in Abilene, Kansas.

Typically at 14-16 months of age, adequate training has been completed and a Greyhound is placed at a racing kennel to begin their racing career. Pups are generally kept together in litters til about the age of one year, at which time they are transferred to a training kennel, where they establish a running pattern, fast or slow-breaker, pacesetter etc...

Although I do not agree with racing of Greyhounds, it is a reality, and I am glad that humane organizations such as the Greyhound Pets of America look after these animals after their retirement and look for loving homes where they can be placed and live the rest of their retired lives.

I was a Greyhound owner and wish I had many acres of land and a big house, so I could adopt dozens of Greyhounds and give them the love they deserve. Unfortunately I am not able to, so I encourage you, if you are thinking about adopting a dog, to stop by your local GPA chapter and see for yourself how docile, intelligent, loving this breed is. They make great pets for children!

Many vets often say Greyhounds make the best patients and I often laugh when I think of the saying that Greyhounds are a 45m/h couch potato! :O)

If not ready to adopt, pass this on to someone who may be thinking about it and if you can, make a donation to the GPA. They are committed to placing every dog, they are never put to sleep and their volunteers are a very dedicated group.

My little Ally is no longer with us. She lived a long 13 years, raced for 3 years or so, had two litters and lived the rest of her retired days happy and loved.

Adopt a Greyhound! They are GREYT!

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