Advance Dog Training Tools An Introduction to Electronic Dog Collars

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Advance Dog Training Tools An Introduction to Electronic Dog Collars

by Moses Wright

You consider yourself a responsible dog owner and understand that every dog needs some form of training in their life. Nevertheless for whatever reasons, you actually do not know how to go about training your dog. While searching for dog training tools online, you came across this highly recommended tool known as electronic dog collar. What is it exactly and how can it help you train your dog more efficiently and effectively.

There are several types of electronic dog collars available in the market, and they are primary used for two purposes. Firstly, it is to help keep your dog within a boundaries set by you outside of the house. The second purpose is to help house train your dog to understand the house rules and the desired behaviors expected of him in the family.

For an electronic dog collar that is use to keep a dog within a confine area to work, you will first need to have an electronic fence installed in your own yard. Currently there are DIY systems in the market that allows you to do it yourself, nevertheless the installation process can be complicated, and unless you have the technical skills or have some form of experience and help, it is advisable to get the professionals to install the system for you.

These electronic fences are invisible fences and are usually bury underground. They have the benefit of being invisible for those people that don't like the look of fences around the house. It works by having your dog to wear an electronic dog collar, and when your dog goes near the outside perimeters of the electronic fence, he is met by an electric shock that will remind him to keep away.

For the electronic dog training collars use to train dog behaviors. They operate by sending shock waves to the dog telling him that a certain behavior is unacceptable. They either send the shock on their own, or by a remote that is control by the owner. Electronic collars are useful in aiding dog behavior training, on the other hand, users must also think of the humane aspects while using and not abuse it. Although the electric shock they receive is not immense, there are still alternative ways to teach a dog not to misbehave. Squirting vinegar water mixture solution with a spray bottle at your dog while he is misbehaving is also a good way.

Those collars that send the shock waves by itself are usually electronic barking collars design to help stop dog barking problems. The primary purpose of this collar is to stop a dog from barking when it is not suppose to. The collar works by having sensors incorporated into the dog collar. These sensors can tell when the dog is barking. Whenever the dog starts to bark, the electronic dog collar either emits a high pitched noise, or releases a squirt of citronella fragrance under the animal's nose, both actions are very irritating to the dog and will make it stop barking.

These electronic dog collars are surely useful when use in the right way. It is perfectly alright to use them to aid your dog behavioral training. You can also stop using them as long as the dog has been house trained. If you would like to purchase an electronic dog collar, make sure you learn how to use it properly first.

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