Advanced Frisbee Launcher for Dogs

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Advanced Frisbee Launcher for Dogs

by Lance Winslow

We all know that Dogs love to play fetch the ball, stick or Frisbee and therefore someone needs to build me a Dog Frisbee Flinging machine, but I do not just want a regular Dog Flinging Frisbee Launching Apparatus. You see, I want a Deluxe Advanced Frisbee Launcher for my Dogs. It must be similar to the Tennis Machines, which fire tennis balls, but each time it waits until the dog retrieves the Frisbee and drops it back in the shoot.

Each time the random order flinging mechanism picks a different distance and angle to shoot the Frisbee like a skeet shooter but at shallower angles. After my dog chases the Frisbee 5-times it waits one-minute for my dog to catch the Frisbee and after every tenth time it gives him a dog biscuit. After every fifteenth fling it fills up the water bowl and waits for fifteen minutes.

You see I love my dog and I do not want to overheat him, while I am out riding my motorcycle, fishing or out at the airport flying around the patch. But I need my dog exercised without chasing the deer and coming back dirty or bugging my neighbors drop kick dog or cat. So would someone please build an Advanced Frisbee Launcher for Dogs and then contact Wal-Mart and Home Depot Purchasing Departments? Consider this in 2006.

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