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Advice House Breaking Your Dog

by Tracey Smith

House breaking a puppy is an integral part of Dog Training. Understanding a dog's behavior is the first step required in any Type of Training. Dogs are predatory animals and hence, the basic behaviors of a dog, remain the same. There are certain rules that you must follow to control your dog actions. The best way is to adjust to your dog's behavior and not being harsh on them.

You may find it strange, but it is true that most animals do not foul their beds by instinct. The same applies to dogs. The mother dog keeps the 'den' clean till the puppy is four weeks of age. Thereafter, the puppy is taught to use the area away from is' bed as the bathroom. However, this technique may not be practical enough for you.

You may follow a different method to house break your dog. Let us understand your dog's psychology first. Your dog considers the whole house, as one big room. Asking him not to use the bathroom may not be a successful trick as your dog thinks that the word "No" means the whole house. You must try to teach your dog to visit the appropriate place to attend the nature's call.

House Breaking is not an easy process. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to carry out this procedure. The procedure must be followed step by step to achieve the goal.

First, start off by training your dog to use a newspaper as the bathroom. To practice this step, confine your dog in a small area (room, barricade, or a small section of a large room). Now, cover the entire floor area with newspaper. This will leave no choice for your dog but to do its business on the paper. Follow this procedure for about three weeks and then reduce the covered area gradually. As the time passes by your dog starts using the newspaper for its job and not the floor. If this is not the case, in first three weeks, do not lose heart and start again from the scratch. It takes a lot of patience from yours, to house break your dog or a pup. The above-mentioned training also requires discipline and consistency on the part you. It is also necessary to take your dog out often in the morning, a couple of times during the day, and before bed at night. If possible, consider placing newspaper outside, it can help to facilitate the transition. Do not forget or fail to praise your dog if it uses the paper. Stop putting the paper outside after a couple of weeks, when your dog gets in to a habit of relieving itself on the newspaper.

Remember that your dog will never tell you that it needs to be let outside. You need to understand your dog using alternative communication such as a sign language or using telepathy. Your dog may be telling you what he wants by sitting in front of an entrance way, and staring or barking at the door, or other common doggy signals. You need to learn to interpret this behavior and how to handle house training.

Remember, that a lot of diligence and patience towards training your dog to housebreak will not go in vain. It will eventually be rewarded with a well trained dog.

Author:Tracey Smith is a well-known Dog Trainer and has several years of experience in dog training. To know more about dogs? behaviors and latest training methods, visit her website.

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