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Afghan Puppies

by Drew Sire

So you say you are more the independent type of person and would prefer a canine buddy of the same persuasion. Well the Afghan Hound may be the pup for you. The Afghan Hound has a relatively low training level when it comes to obedience. In fact, he would much rather rule the roost and can sometimes be hard to train. At the same time, this breed can be rather loopy and playful when in the mood.

Afghan Puppies

From the time you bring your little Afghan Hound puppy home, you feel as if you are in the presence of royalty. This dignified gait and demeanor is apparent from the time they can walk. And why not, being one of the oldest recorded dog breeds in existence, they have the right. As they grow into adults, that aloofness is more akin to a cat than their canine brothers. But if you were wearing a floor-length fur coat most of your life you might be aloof too.

Health Concerns for your Afghan Hound

Afghan's are relatively healthy for a large breed of dog. Major health concerns do include allergies and cancer though. And if you ever have to take your dog in for surgery of any kind, they are fairly susceptible to anesthesia. Being a member of the sight hound group, they have a low body fat content. But even with these few health concerns, the Afghan can live up to 15 years.

Temperament of the Afghan Hound

Though they are fiercely loyal to their masters, the Afghan Hound can be very shy around strangers. Socialization with other dogs as well as people is a definite must for the new Afghan owner. They are very sweet and lovable, but they do not take well to being treated as anything but dignified. Yes, they are a little bit on the conceited side, but again?look at them.

Care, Training and Activity Levels of the Afghan Hound

If you do not like to spend time brushing out your dog, the Afghan Hound may not be for you. Their floor length coat requires daily brushing to keep from getting tangled. Training should be a priority on your list, as the Afghan Hound that is not properly trained can get quite destructive. Just ask Rita from Oliver and Company. They also require daily walks, and preferably runs, for at least 30 minutes a day. If you live in an apartment or otherwise do not have a yard they can run freely in, look at another breed.

So if you want a goofy little buddy to play with every day, the Afghan Hound is not for you. If you are looking for a guard dog, or even a watchdog, the Afghan Hound is not for you (the Afghan would much rather look at himself in the mirror). But if you are looking for a dignified and loyal friend, take one home the next time you see these beautiful creatures on sale. They aren't called the Kings of the Canine world for nothing.

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