Aggressive Behavior in Dogs What Types Are There

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Aggressive Behavior in Dogs What Types Are There

by Keith Burke

There are many different kinds of aggressive dog behavior and the most common are dominate aggression, fear aggression and territorial or over protective aggression. There is also possessive aggression and punishment aggression. However in this article we will take a much closer look at the first three types of aggression that were stated above.

1. Dominate Aggression

A dog which has this form of aggressive behavior is unpredictable and dangerous. They will often bully and frighten a particular person or persons. In most cases a dog in a family which is suffering from this kind of aggressive dog behavior can only be managed by one member of the family. Even if you find that your dog is companionable sometimes and at other times is not then you should not think that this type of aggressive dog behavior is safe it isn't and needs to be treated with a firm hand.

2. Fear Aggression

You will often find dogs which are easily frightened are insecure as well as being nervous will often show the signs of fear aggression. In most cases you will find that a dog which has is suffering from this form of aggressive dog behavior will respond to anything it considered to be dangerous from a ringing phone or doorbell to another animal or person approaching them. They will often react to this danger by growling, snapping, baring of teeth and aggressive barking they may even bite whoever it is they are afraid of.

3. Overprotective and Territorial Aggression

This particular form of aggressive dog behavior can be a risk to anybody who is entering your dog's territory. Often they may lunge at the person or animal that is entering their territory and they will growl and in some cases they may bite. Also as with the fear aggression a dog suffering from territorial aggression will find certain noises such as the doorbell bothersome. As with overprotective aggression you will often find that when out walking your dog he will claim you as his domain and should another animal or person try to get close to you he will become offensive towards them.

Unfortunately any aggressive dog behavior can be a source of conflict in many families and in some cases the dog may even display some form of aggressive behavior to their owners as well as other people. So you should always be aware of how your dog is reacting to a certain situation.

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