Agility Dog Training Can Be Fun

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Agility Dog Training Can Be Fun

by Mylar Skye

Most of you have seen agility dog training on television. This is when dogs are trained to follow instructions such as, jumping over bars, running through tunnels and weaving around poles. If you plan on training your dog for agility competition, you will need to find a good training school or classes. At a school they should provide hurdles, jumps, weaving poles and more. A course should include a tire hoops, a tunnel and a see-saw.

Agility dog training is available for any breed of dog. As long as your dog or puppy is of good health and not overweight, it can be trained for agility competition. All dogs should be checked out by their veterinarian before beginning any training. A healthy start can make or break its ability to compete. Many think that only adults are able to train a dog for agility competition but many schools now offer courses that include children and their pets.

A well trained dog has an advantage over another when beginning agility dog training. A dog that can work well off its leash is also more desired. The handler should wear comfortable clothing and shoes, making it easy to run beside the dog being trained. The school will tell you which type of collar and leash to bring for your dog and often will offer to sell you the correct type. A leather or webbed buckle collar and long lead made of leather, nylon or rope will be necessary. No chains will be allowed as these can become easily entangled on jumps and other equipment.

When beginning agility dog training you can expect the dog to be walked on a wide plank and taught to jump over very low hurdles or walls. A tunnel may be included at the beginning. Once the dog is comfortable with these, a new set will be introduced at a taller range. Timing is important to a dog on an agility run. Learning the commands and following a routine is important to becoming a successful leader for your dog's agility course. Practice and praise for your dog can help your dog succeed!

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