Agressive Dog Behavior

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Agressive Dog Behavior

by Trevor Somerville

There are many kinds of aggressive behavior among dogs:

Dominate Aggression This is an unpredictable and dangerous bully that may frighten some of your family members. Frequently, only a single person in a family can manage this kind of behavior. Your dog does not observe a difference and he has a difficulty with strangers. Sometimes, he is companionable and sometimes not. Don't commit an error of thinking that this aggressive dog behavior is safe. Your dog is absolutely dangerous.

Fear Aggression A dog that is frightened, insecure and nervous at a big deal of the time shows fear aggression. He commonly responds to any interruptions: from ringing telephones and doorbells, to approaching animals and people. Reactions limits from growling, snapping, aggressive barking, baring teeth and biting.

Territorial or Overprotective Aggression In fact, this is an aggressive dog behavior which is risky to anybody entering his territory for he may lunge, growl or bite. He will also regard certain noises bothersome such as doorbell. He may claim the domain they?re standing in when walking along with his owner and therefore can be offensive towards getting close to animal or person.

Possessive Aggression This is the most dangerous kind of aggressive dog behaviors. They will snap or bite, growl, bark and bare his teeth when anyone goes near with anything they claim their own. Getting close to them or approaching things in their possession such as book, food, shoe, toys and whatever, will initiate offensive action.

Punishment Aggression People create this form of aggressive dog behavior by being corrupt and extremely dominant in attempting to teach or punish their dogs. How else is a dog to react if you point a menacing finger or newspaper, shout and hitting your dog? This includes, alarming them with angry rebukes, cornering or chasing them with anger, enclosing the dog under the chin or on the nose and standing over them in a threatening behavior.

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