Aids to Train Your Dog

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Aids to Train Your Dog

by Graham Grant

To train you need to have the tools to do it and that is why dog training aids are a worthwhile purchase and not something that are there to part you with your hard earned money. Like any tool they only serve a purpose if they are used well and dog training aids will help you in teaching your dog if that is the case. Dog training aids are many and varied and depend mostly on what type of dog you have and its temperament so it is import you choose the right ones.

By far the most effective training aids are treats like small savory sticks you can buy in any super store or pet shot which you can give the dog to reinforce good behavior. These are dog training aids that have always performed the best as it is simple to implement and cheap to apply. But if you are really intent on spending a lot of money on aids there are also some other more expensive option.

Dog agility training aids include anti bark collars. These are used because quite a fair number of dogs don't like to do dog agility and will bark incessantly. With anti bark collars the dog will either be given an electric shock or have some water sprayed to remind the dog that barking is not the right thing to do at that particular time. It is not at all harmful on the dog in case you are wondering and will resolve the problem very quickly. These collars tend to be fairly inexpensive and available both in pet shops in high street or on line.

Dog training aids used for obedience include dog clickers. This is a new craze on the market and allow owners replace command words like ?sit? with a click as well as rewarding with treats. Another aid that is very good at what it does is the harness. This is fitted around your dog upper torso. When you are teaching him to heel a simple tug will him back completely without using much force. This is an obedience aid that is especially effective for bigger dogs.

For around the home there are also simple and effective dog training aids. Dog training aids often prove to be worthwhile purchases when all else has been tried and often they will resolve the problem you have encountered with your dog. The fact that they are so cheap and accessible have also made the use of dog training aids more popular with more and more aids coming into the market bringing new ways to solve dog training problems or enhancing what is already in use.

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