Akita Training What To Look Out For

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Akita Training What To Look Out For

by Mikee Dunn

When it comes to Akita training, you probably already know that it can sometimes be difficult to train your Akita dog. This is simply because the Akita dog is a highly intelligent, fearless and spontaneous animal. These of course are wonderful characteristics, but can lead to making training you?re Akita rather difficult. So can the ultra intelligent Akita dog be difficult to train?

For starters, Akita?s are EXTREMELY protective of their owners and family. While this means undying loyalty to you and you?re family, it also means that they have a strong tendency to be rather aggressive and hot tempered towards any ?unknown? visitors. This characteristic is the most difficult personality trait that needs to be trained when it comes to Akita training. Of course with the proper knowledge of Akita training, this shouldn?t pose to be too much trouble.

Akita dogs are also very intelligent animals, and it is for this very reason that they may often times think they ?know better?, and try to take their own path?even towards their own training. However this means that if you have the proper knowledge of how to train you?re Akita dog, then they will learn very quickly and with ease.

Akita?s have a strong tendency to NOT get along with other pets, but this trait can be somewhat cured. Because Akita?s are very dominate and territorial animals, they?re not very big fans of sharing space with other animals.

From the moment you bring you?re Akita home to the days that you?re Akita is resting underneath the shade, it is absolutely IMPRETIVE that they know who their master is at all times, otherwise it is very likely that they will run all over you. A timid or submissive owner is not recommended for this breed, they?re strong will can over power you.

It also must be noted, that while Akita?s do get along very well with children that they already know within the family, they have a tendency to not tolerate new children that are brought into the family, making it not a good choice for a family who expects more little ones down the road.

Now all these traits should not put you off owning an Akita dog. Yes, Akita training can provide the owner with some challenges, but the rewards are very well worth it. It is also important to note that while this breed might have its difficulties, these are traits that can be drastically settled down, but require the proper specialized knowledge to do so. Being an expert on dog training myself, I highly recommend that you acquire the right specialized knowledge of how to train you?re Akita properly, or you?re Akita experience might prove to be somewhat bitter.

It should also be noted, that training you?re Akita is actually not a hard process, even though it might seem as such, the Akita?s incredible intelligence makes it a very quick and fun learner.

I can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that you?ll have trouble with you?re Akita dog if you do not acquire the specialized knowledge to properly undergo Akita training. Don?t ruin the chance of receiving the reward of such a wonderful dog, train them right from the get go!http://www.squidoo.com/akitatraining/

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