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All About Dog Poop

by Jack Igan

Oops, what's that? Dog poop on my shoe?

Nothing has a greater capacity to ruin your day than getting dog poop on your shoes. It's not a pleasing prospect for you or your children to inadvertently step in some dog's poop. Imagine yourself all dressed in your Sunday finery on your way to church, or your kids playing in the park. It can and has happened to everyone.

The bigger problem is "dog poop health issues". Anyone who steps in dog poop is very likely to transfer it to their hands and their clothing while trying to remove it.

But that's not the half of it, the worst part is that dog poop often contains harmful germs, bacteria and parasites, diseases that can put your kids and other pets at risk for infection.

The good news is that modern day "pooper scooper" laws require pet owners to clean up after their pet makes a mess. Of course there are some folk who ignore these laws and let it lay where it drops. On the other hand people can usually be counted on to be good citizens and the large majority of pet owners do accept their responsibilities, law or no law. They are considerate of their neighbors and communities and they are concerned about the health and cleanliness of their environments. They clean up after themselves and their dogs.

Very often while out walking you will see a dog having a poop on the street or sidewalk while the owner is apparently oblivious to the act. He's inspecting the building on the other side of the street or studying local cloud formations.

If you see someone like this, it is appropriate to politely call the dog owners attention to the poop left by his dog and suggest that he clean it up. Dog crap left to rot in public places is appalling at best. Some groups urge you to clean up other people's dog poop for the sake and well-being of the community.

This may make some people uneasy. However, there are many tools available, pooper scoopers, plastic bags from the grocery store, and paper towels, as well as a variety of rake and shovel combinations. It's getting easier and easier to be a model citizen, so there is no real reason to leave your dog's poop for someone else to step in (or to clean up).

The cheapest way to be a good citizen is to use the plastic bags. Turn the bag inside out, insert your hand and pick up the poop. Close the bag and tie a knot in the top. Dump it in the nearest garbage can. Used bread bags and the plastic bags your newspaper are delivered in are excellent alternatives. They are free pooper scoopers - heavy enough, strong enough, and big enough to do the job. Please don't put these bags in with your recycling.

Being proactive in removing your dog's crap will go a long way in protecting the health, safety, and beauty of your community.

Jack Igan is an animal lover who lives in harmony with three once-feral cats and a toy poodle. Jack's website Dog Training Tips offers insights on how to live with your animals.

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