All You Need To Know To Train Your Dog

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All You Need To Know To Train Your Dog

by Jeff Mcclure

Every dog can and wants to be trained because it fits in with their natural instincts to follow the Alfa dog in a pack. Your dog needs to behave well with other pets and people as well as sit and stay. You are the most important factor in the dogs training. You need to be consistent and make training a part of the dogs every day life.

The first concept you need to understand is a dog naturally wants to follow the Alfa dog in its pack. You have to show the dog that in your family you are the Alfa dog. You must always be the dogs boss not just in the training sessions. Once the dog respects your authority it will look to you for direction and happily do what you want. When a dog chews your furniture or otherwise misbehaves they are trying to show you that if your not the Alfa dog then they are willing to step up and take the roll. A dog will ether be a follower or a leader but if they do not see you as a leader then you are a follower and they will not follow a follower.

Being consistent when interacting with your pet helps the dog to understand what you want from him. The dog needs to know when its time to play, when its time to be quiet and when its time to work. If you consistently use different body language and tone of voice when giving your dog commands then you use when rewarding or playing with him the dog will know when to listen. When you have the dogs attention and he is waiting for your command your dog will be easy to train.

A dog can not be well behaved and obedient if they are not well socialised. You should start training and socialising your pet as soon as you bring them home. Bringing them to a park to meet new dogs and people often will help them learn how to interact with people and animals that they are not familiar with without bad behaviour like barking and biting. When you have people over to your house or when you meet another pet owner wile out on a walk is when you most want your dog to behave.

All dogs can be successfully trained even old dogs. A dog is in training for its hole life. If you always treat him with kindness and make the time you spend teaching the dog a new trick or command fun then you will keep his attention and he will learn quickly. Dogs will naturally learn their place in the family and what is expected of them all it takes is a small amount of consistent effort on your part and you will be happy with the results.

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