Almost 500 Suffer Kidney Failure Since Dog Food Recall

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Almost 500 Suffer Kidney Failure Since Dog Food Recall

by M Bruno

More than 470 pets have suffered from kidney or renal failure since the nationwide dog food recall began.

Of that number, more than hundred have died according to an independent veterinary group report.

It is no surprise that the sad news of dog kidney failures and dog deaths has and will continue to rise as more data is reported to groups such as the Veterinary Information Network.

The recalled dog food, manufactured by Menu Foods, has been found to be tainted with aminopterin, a rat poison which has been used in the past to induce abortions.

Aminopterin is not lawfully used in the United States but it is believed that the rodent killing poison has tainted wheat gluten which was purchased from an apparently new supplier to the manufacturer.

Aminopterin was identified as existing in the tainted dog food by scientists at the New York State Food Laboratory within recent days.

To date at least 95 brands of dog food have been recalled by the manufacturer. This full list can be found at

As the fear of dog owners nationwide continues to grow, the state of Oregon alone has reported 13 deaths and 47 illnesses reported after ingesting the tainted dog and cat food.

This case demonstrates the critical need for an examination of how we care for our dogs, what we feed them and just what is in the dog food that we buy.

It is simply irresponsible to believe the hype of major and private label dog food brands that promise healthy and safe nutrition as a benefit of feeding their dog food to your best friend.

Take the time to carefully read the label on any dog food that you buy. The first listed ingredients are the predominant ones in the dog food. When you see grains or by products listed, your consumer antenna must immediately go up. The dog food manufacturer is delivering a bag or can fill of filler, junk, and worse.

Your dog deserves better than that. Her life expectancy is being jeopardized and potentially shortened by several years by feeding your dog many of the brands that fill the stores of dog food aisles in retailers, nationwide.

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