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Alternative Pet Food

by Bill Carr

Should you be concerned about your dog or cats health these days? With all the dog and cat food companies that are recalling there food, for poisonings, you most likely should be. As a pet owner now there are limited products for your loved pets.

But there is a solution to this problem, why not cook or bake for your cats and dogs. At least you know what your putting in there pet food, and not to mention your cat and dog will enjoy there new found pet food much better than that old canned byproduct anyway.

With limited choices of what to feed your pets, more and more pet owners are feeding them table food and dinner scrapes. It is important to keep your pet healthy with a balanced meal, with the right nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and proteins for your type of cat or dog.

It's really not that hard to prepare meals and treats for your pets: There are many different recipes you can prepare for them that are healthy and good for them. Just put aside a little time each week to make your dog or cat treats, and you will be able to give them there treats for the week and the same goes for there meals, except you might have to prepare them a little more often, maybe two or three times a week just to keep it fresh. But you can prepare one batch for the whole week and freeze half of it in your freezer, provided you have the space, or if you have a kitchen vacuum sealer for moist food, dry food you can just save in a container.

Article by Bill Carr

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