Alternatives to a Dog Training PA Service

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Alternatives to a Dog Training PA Service

by Dean Iggo

In Pennsylvania, which is a large state with lots of rural land, it can be difficult to find a good obedience school where you can get your furry companion cared for and trained the way you want. Instead of driving hours to have strangers teach your dog, perhaps you should consider being your own dog training service PA. By following a few simple tips, you can be on your way to getting your dog obedience trained from the comfort of your own home.

Being the Alpha Dog

If the dog you are looking to train is a puppy, the first thing you need to do is establish yourself as the alpha dog in the pack. Once the puppy knows that you are the leader, the obedience training becomes much easier than it was before. This, in fact, is a great reason not to drop your little one off at a dog training PA school where they will be the alpha dogs, not you.

If you have a grown dog, teaching him or her that you are the leader is still imperative, though it may not be as easy. At least early on, make sure you are the one feeding and caring for the dogs. Once they see that you are providing for the pack, you will quickly become the alpha dog and the training gets easier right away.

Nothing is Free

A concept taught in most dog training PA services is the idea that nothing is free. You can use this same idea in your home as you teach your dog obedience. Reward with treats, but never give them for just any reason. When you allow the dog to understand that treats, and nothing else for that matter, are not free then he will always be looking to please you. This method is as close to universal as anything in dog obedience training.

Be Consistent

If you are going to be your own dog training PA facility, then you need to adhere to the consistency such places will give your canine companion. Be sure that you do your activities at similar times each day. In addition, do not accept behaviors that are not acceptable and do not reward when a reward is not due. The consistency will help your training as well as your activities go much more smoothly overall.

Training your dog at home can really save you on travel, especially in a state like Pennsylvania where many of the facilities are so far away. In addition, you will save on money and time. However, perhaps the most important part of training your dog at home is that you get to bond with your pet.

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