American Rawhide Dog Chews ARE Safer Than Imported Rawhide Chews

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American Rawhide Dog Chews ARE Safer Than Imported Rawhide Chews

by Janie Knetzer

Many people never really think about what there feeding their dog when they give them a rawhide dog chew. Since the majority of us are overworked and there still doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, we just want to keep our best friend happy like the rest of the family.

What Are Rawhide Chews?

Rawhide is exactly that, a hide. Generally dog chews are made from cattle and buffalo hide. Dogs like their ancestors like and need to chew. The chewing of hide supposedly satisfies their need to hunt. While rawhide dog chews are debatable with many dog lovers, others seem to stockpile them for Fido.Many large retailers are purchasing rawhide chews from outside of the United States. Recently a large supermarket chain right here in my own community in Pittsburgh, started purchasing all of their rawhide from China. Why, because their profit margin is much higher purchasing it from outside the U.S. It's all about the bottom line with no consideration to your dog's safety . It's no secret to anyone that items made right here in the United States cost more. But, is that a bad thing? After all, people should make a decent wage and American citizens deserve to know that their pet's safety comes first.

Chance vs Cost...

Keep in mind that the laws and regulations governing other countries are not the same as they are here in the United States and this is especially true when it comes to animals. Although the "curing" process for hide here in the U.S. is controversial due to the chemicals used, the curing process for hide in other countries has very little quality control. Many, many dogs have gotten sick with "acute pancreatitis" after eating rawhide from these other countries. Salmonella bacteria is quite often present on international rawhide dog chews. These countries use arsenic and other insecticides in their curing process. From what I hear, it's also not uncommon to find skin and hair from dogs and cats in their finished products. So the bottom line is, if you're going to feed your dog rawhide, buy American rawhide dog chews only!

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