An Instant Guide to DogsBook Review

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An Instant Guide to DogsBook Review

by Joy Cagil

To create happy relationship that will last a lifetime with the dog of your choice, it is a good idea to find out about the varieties of dogs. Brokers, animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, neighbors, professional breeders, commercial and private kennels all provide dogs for prospective owners; however, the practices of the places that offer dogs are as varied as the dogs in existence.

A rule of the thumb is: don't get a dog without careful investigation of the breed and the source that offers it. There are quite a few books on the market that make it possible for the novice owner to be acquainted with the various breeds of dogs,

A first step book toward such information is from the Instant Guide Series of Random House"An Instant Guide to Dogs" by Beverly Cuddy -the writer- and Chris Bell -the illustrator. The best thing about this book is its size -four and a half by seven inches- which can easily fit inside a medium to small size woman's purse.

"An Instant Guide to Dogs" is an identification guide to one hundred plus dog breeds rather than a how to book, although it has some brief information in its beginning pages. Looking through it, I thought this would be a wonderful gift to school age children to acquaint them with the different breeds.

The first of the book, from introduction to page 27, gives general information on dogs. These first chapters consist of:
Selecting a Dog
Early Training
Caring for Your Dog
Dogs, Cats & Children
How to Be Top Dog
Hereditary Health Problems
How Old Is Your Dog?

From page 28 to the end there are five sections:
Tiny Dogs
Small Dogs
Medium Sized Dogs
Large Dogs
Extra Large Dogs.

In each color-coded section, a page is reserved for each breed, illustrated in color, and the bottom of each page is divided into four sections, each section with one to four sentences. First section is for the history of the breed; second section describes the temperament; third section is devoted to the appearance of the dog and the most important points for its individual look; and the fourth section gives tips to the potential owners and things to look for in the breed before picking up the dog. For example the fourth section for English Cocker Spaniel says: "Needs lots of exercise. Coat requires much attention. Can have ear problems. Easy to train. Be careful with solid colors. Check no history of rage syndrome. Otherwise, a very good family pet."

I found all the illustrations to be accurate and pleasant to look at and all the information in the book to be very brief but to the point. The book is in hardcover with 128 pages and ISBN: 0517123568.

"An Instant Guide to Dogs" will make a treasured reference book for a home or a school library. In addition, it can be an excellent gift as a stocking filler during Christmas time or at any other time throughout the year.

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