An Introduction To Dog Toys Do Canines Really Need Them

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An Introduction To Dog Toys Do Canines Really Need Them

by Moses Wright

It does not matter what size, or type of breed your dog is, the fact is all dogs need dog toys. To humans, dog toys may just be a simple plaything either for leisure or for passing time, but to a dog, there are many more significant reasons to own one.

Some of the important reasons for dog toy are to encourage positive play, stave off boredom and to keep your dog out of mischief. The dog toy allows your dog a suitable item to chew, so that it will not chew up things in the house and mess up the whole place.

It is always recommended to have several different types of toys for your pet to choose from as it is an excellent way to divert any destructive behavior. Dog toys also offer your dog something safe to play with. Without dog toys, a bored pooch will find anything to chew, including poisonous and toxic household items, and can lead to serious health problems.

Using dog toys as a training tool is another purpose of a dog toy. Dog toys help spark a dogs natural hunting instincts. Dog toys can be thrown and by doing so, the dog can be trained to bring it back upon command.

There are also motivational and interactive dog toys that can be used for dog agility training. Another very important purpose of a dog toy is allowing the dog to interact and socialize with its owner and family. Finally, dog toys are fun for your dog and are excellent exercise.

Some of the popular toys that you can buy for your dog for gaming purposes are namely the noise making toys and dog toys stuffed with real fur that can be used as motivational toys. Kongs and other hard rubber toys that have an open cavity within them can be used as interactive toys.

There are many types of tug toys to choose from. You can choose the natural tugs, which are made of fleece, rubber or hemp. Other tug toys are the tennis ball tug toy and the rope tug toy.

Among dog favorites is the fetching dog toys- the ball and the Frisbee. Even the basic ball and old Frisbee have been modified to make playtime more enjoyable for you and your dog. There are tennis balls, noise making balls and balls that light up. The regular old Frisbee has been turned into a flying disc that glows in the dark.

Look anywhere and you will find all types of dog toys. There are dog toys for every breed size. Like humans, dogs also need toys of their own. In short, every breed of dog will benefit from the companion of dog toys.

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