An Introduction to Dog Strollers

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An Introduction to Dog Strollers

by John S Rhodes

Every pet owner and every pet may be in need of a dog stroller at one point in their lives. Pets that are old, temporarily or partially injured, or even lazy will definitely need the comfort that dog strollers provide during traveling. Pet owners that don?t wish their dogs to be dirtied because of muddy roads can certainly keep their pets clean inside the safety confines of a dog stroller. There are many other reasons why you or your pet dog would need a dog stroller. The more important question then is what you should buy when that time comes.

The Quest for the Perfect Dog Stroller

Size is Important ? Most dog strollers only provide details regarding its maximum load weight capacity. That, unfortunately, isn?t enough to ensure that your pet dog will be able to enjoy traveling in comfort inside the dog stroller. Even if he is well within the limits of the maximum weight given, what if he?s taller or bigger for his weight? Thus, when shopping for dog strollers, make sure that you consider all the significant dimensions: height, width, and of course, weight. The best test for stroller comfort is to ask your dog to move inside the stroller. If he?s able to sit, stand, turn, and curl without problem then you?ve found a perfect fit!

Where Are You Going to Walk? ? Some dog strollers are only designed for use in well-paved roads but are extremely lightweight. If you?re only fond of walking downtown or through parks, a dog stroller of this kind might be adequate. If you love to rough it out on the wilds, on the other hand, buying an all-terrain dog stroller is what you need. Rain or shine, muddy or slippery, an all-terrain dog stroller with its powerful and large wheels will surely be able to handle any obstacle that crosses its way. When purchasing an all-terrain dog stroller, make sure that it comes equipped with shock absorbers as well so your dog would suffer from the least amount of bumps and humps.

Collapsible or Detachable ? A dog stroller is ideal if your vehicle has limited trunk or storage space. Usually, one click on a button or switch is enough for the whole thing to fold itself into something manageable in size. The smallest collapsible dog strollers could no doubt be slipped easily under the seats of your car. A dog stroller with a detachable carrier on the other hand is definitely bulkier than a collapsible one but it does allow you to carry your dog to and fro buildings and facilities without having to take him out from the carrier.

Privacy for Moody Pets ? Some pets are just like human beings. They can suffer from mood swings, for instance, just as we do. If your pet dog happens to be like this as well, you should consider purchasing a dog stroller that places a partition within the stroller to give the user a semblance of privacy if and when it so wishes.

Whether Weather ? Whether it?s hot or cold, there?s sure to be a dog stroller that will exactly match the weather in your area. For people living in tropical climates, the dog stroller you buy should be made of durable but lightweight material to allow proper air ventilation inside the stroller. For pets that are constantly exposed to thunderstorms and the likes, make sure that you buy them a dog stroller with a closure option so you can keep your pet safe and warm within the stroller confines every time it?s raining cats and gods (pun intended).

Storage Space ? Just like strollers for kiddies, dog strollers must also have sufficient storage space to provide easy access to your dog?s food, toys, medicines, and toiletries. Some pet strollers also come with a parent tray, which has the pet owner?s comfort in mind this time because it provides storage space for beverages and cell phones.

Tips on Closing the Deal

Always compare rates. Don?t let yourself fall in love at first sight.

Ask for warranties, and be sure to have the sales representative explain each and every condition concerning the product warranty.

Lastly, if you?re going to have the dog stroller shipped, make sure that there are no hidden shipping costs and that the shipping is being handled by a prominent courier company.

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