Anemia in Dogs

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Anemia in Dogs

by Brent Jones

Anemia is defined as an overall reduction in the number of red blood cells within the bloodstream. The overall consequence of anemia is the inability of the blood to supply desired levels of oxygen to the tissues throughout the body. The signs of anemia include pallor in the mouth and around the eyes, (loss of normal pink color), gradual weakness, and the inability to exercise, rapid breathing, and an unsettled behavior.

The three major causes of anemia are (1) Destruction of red blood cells by parasites, poisons, bacterial toxins, and immune reactions. (2) Loss of blood as a result of accidents, poisoning, bleeding ulcers, and parasites such as hookworms or whipworms. (3) Reduced or abnormal production of new red blood cells in the bone marrow due to tumors, poisons, acute infections, kidney disease, and most frequently by vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by poor diet.

A simple blood test performed by your veterinarian can tell you if your dog is anemic. Treatment of anemia depends on the cause. While treating the cause, the vet may also give your dog anti-anemic drugs such as iron supplements and vitamins, while putting him on a strict diet to speed up his recovery. Additionally, you shouldn't overtire your dog during his recovery, rest is important. Anemia as well as any other disorders can be spotted early if you take your pet to the vet twice a year.

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