Aortic Stenosis in Dogs

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Aortic Stenosis in Dogs

by Babu Banik

This is one of the most serious concerns for the pet owners ? especially for the persons who own dogs. Aortic Stenosis is a type of serious heart problem. The disease involves narrowing of the outflow channel that is found between the main artery of the body (Aorta) and the ventricle (Left). This narrowing of the outflow channel may take place at three distinctive regions, viz. Above the Aortic valve (Supravalvular), at the level of the Aortic valve (Vulvular) and below the Aortic valve (subvulvular).

Although the valvular and the subvalvular cases are commonly found, the supravalvular case is a rare one and is generally caused by the supplementation of Vitamin D to the pregnant bitches. The researchers have been burning their midnight oil to unearth the salient cause of Aortic Stenosis in dogs and other animals and have proved that it is basically a genetically inherited problem. Hence the only way out to get rid of this serious problem is not to use the dogs and bitches who are afflicted to Aortic Stenosis in the breeding program.

The symptoms, as a matter of fact, may vary to a great extent starting from almost no prior sign to sudden loss of life. The common symptoms are, however, abnormal systolic murmur and the dog will show the sign of exercise intolerance accompanied by lethargy and even fainting in the worst situations. When it comes to the sound of the heart, sound is louder on the left region of the chest at the heart base level. This eventually leads to serious complications like cardiac arrest or left-sided heart failure.


Stenosis dilution by the dint of the balloon catheters has not been accepted worldwide due to its series of failures. Usually the treatment involves improving the cardiac output and curing treating the condition of dysrythmias. The -blockers and the calcium channel blockers have proved to be quite successful in this regard. Pet owners are advisable not to carry out any sorts of experimentation with the patients afflicted to Aortic stenosis. Remember that a Veterinarian surgeon is the right person to give you the right decision.

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