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Are Dogs Mans Best Friend

by Jeremiah OConnell

Man?s best friend. That?s how we know them. Our canine pets that we let in our house, to sit at our feet by the warm fire or just keep us company as we work the night away. Who knew that this tame animal was once descended from wolves? But that?s how the story goes, and that?s what DNA research and fossil evidence say.

As recently as 15,000 years ago, dogs were domesticated from wolves. More recent genetic fossil evidence also shows that they might even be domesticated earlier than that. In one study, it is said that dogs are domesticated from wild dogs, which had diverged from wolves.

Where Dogs Come From

It is said that canines originated from East Asia. Specifically, evidence points to China and Japan as the first places where people domesticated dogs. When the first peoples entered North America, they took the dogs with them.

According to genetic research, there at least 14 breeds of ancient dogs and among the oldest are the Chow Chow, Shar Pei, Akita Inu, Shiba Inu and Basenji. Considering that many of the 14 ancient dog breeds come from China and Japan, it is most likely that the theory that dogs come from Asia is true.

Interactions with Humans

Dogs, like humans, are highly social animals. It is because of this distinct behavioral pattern that they are highly trainable, playful, and generally good companions. Moreover, this ability of dogs to fit into human households and social situations puts them in a unique position among interspecies relationships.

Dogs, being descended from wolves, have pack instincts. These instincts are humanly interpreted as loyalty and devotion, which are close to the very human emotions of love and friendship. This is the very reason why so many dog owners consider their canines as full-fledged family members. Conversely, many canines seem to consider their human companions as part of their packs.


Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research reveal that dogs have reasonably high intelligence. In fact, many dog lovers especially value this intelligence. However, not all dogs exhibit their intelligence in the same manner. While some breeds are very good at obeying commands, others are not so keen on obeying. Instead, they display their cleverness by devising ways to escape the yard or steal food.

Because of their intelligence, dogs have come to fill a variety of roles in human society. Some breeds are especially trained to recognize dangerous situations and avoid it, and this ability is very useful for blind or deaf people. There are other canines that are very useful in law enforcement, including attack breeds, sniffers, or search-and-rescue. There are also those that serve as guards for livestock, work as herders, or as arctic exploration sled pullers.

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