Are Home Made Dog Food Recipes Good For Your Dog Part 1

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Are Home Made Dog Food Recipes Good For Your Dog Part 1

by Forrest Hagstrom

Concerned about the recent pet food recall, many pet owners are looking for alternative ways to feed their dogs and are increasingly looking to home made dog food recipes as a form of healthy dog food.

Feeding your dog this way is proven to be much better than commercial dog food which, even under normal circumstances contain harmful ingredients that build up in the dog's system over time that often results in illnesses, allergies and a decreased life span.

When this happens, many pet owners often dismiss these illnesses and diseases as due to old age or as a normal condition for certain breed types when in reality, the commercial dog food they have been eating all their life may have played a significant role.

A good dog food recipe is essential for proper health and nutrition as some "people food" can be harmful, even fatal to dogs. Hence, it is just as important to know what not to feed your dog.

Dogs also have different nutritional requirements than people so pet owners need to educate themselves and find good dog food recipes that are appropriate for the dog for example, puppies have different nutritional needs than do older dogs, or if a dog is pregnant, nursing, is neutered etc.

Unlike what most pet owners think, feeding your dog a homemade diet is actually a lot easier than it sounds once you know a few tricks and is actually a lot more cost effective than the commercially prepared dog food. You could literally save hundreds of dollars per year by finding good home made dog food recipes.

Think for a moment about the food you eat and your grocery bill. When you buy your food, prepared foods always costs more than the food you prepare yourself. It is the same with dog food.

More and more pet owners are discovering the downside of feeding their dogs with commercial pet food - and in the light of the most recent pet food scandal that has rocked the industry yet again, it could very well be that more and more pet owners will shift to homemade dog food.

After all, if pet owners can devote an hour a day to take their dogs for a walk, what is another half hour (or even less) to treat their loyal four legged friend to a homemade dinner.

Feeding your dog healthy, nutritious home made dog food is the way to enjoy many more years with your dog and will spare them the pain and misery from illnesses and diseases associated with commercial dog food while giving them a much better quality of life.

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