Are You Frustrated With These Pet Food Recalls

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Are You Frustrated With These Pet Food Recalls

by Maria Mbura

The pet food recall crisis has shed a new light to the safety of commercial dog food that we buy in cans from our supermarket shelves. The commercial pet food industry has existed only for a few decades. What did our dogs eat before the advent of these commercial foods? Their diet consisted of raw meat, bones and organs, table scraps and whatever they could catch and kill themselves. It has only been since the popular use of these commercial dog foods that we have started hearing of our our dogs dying of cancer, kidney failure and all sorts of other diseases.

The contaminated pet food has led to the deaths of dogs and cats in North America and have even sparked fears of these contaminants entering the human food chain. The US inspectors of FDA have traced the imported gluten which was used to make the pet food as being the cause of the deaths of many dogs and cats through kidney failure. It is illegal to add melamine to food or animal feed in the US but it seems this chemical is widely used in China in the animal feed to make them appear as having a higher protein content. Melamine is a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics and fertilizers. The Food and Drug Administration speculates that the wheat flour was deliberately spiked with melamine to make it look more protein-rich, thus more valuable than it was.

This pet food recall crisis has made pet owners rethink of what pet food to prepare for their pets with some of them opting to prepare the food themselves. The only way to guarantee that the food you give your dog has no artificial preservatives and contaminants is to feed them with natural homemade dog food using ingredients that you would normally have in your kitchen. For an extra measure of protection give your dog supplements and vitamins to make sure that they get all the 38 nutrients they require daily. You can opt to give your dog raw dog food diet and alternate it with homemade dog food recipes.

That is why it is recommended to get well formulated recipes with the right nutrients, plus supplements, and have them in the right proportions.

For more on these recipes plus more updates on the dog food recall we recommend these sites for Online Dog Food Tips and also for Guides and Updates on Dog Food and Dog Food Recall.

A home cooked meal with the right ingredients is the BEST thing you can do for your pet! After all what were we feeding our pets before the advent of these commercial pet foods?

Maria Mbura is a publisher of a blog and a writer in a variety of issues that are of interest from time to time.

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