Are You Ready to Bring a Dog into Your Family

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Are You Ready to Bring a Dog into Your Family

by Julia Winters

Are your kids begging for a dog? Are you fondly dreaming of the days when you and your dog romped the fields, chasing balls and squirrels and flopping down together to watch the clouds to by?

Are you thinking how nice it would be to share life with a canine, but wondering if now is really the right time? Dogs bring many good things to life - things like love and loyalty and trust and joy and laughter. But only if you have time to give them the attention they deserve.

Before you visit the nearest shelter to adopt a dog, or follow up on a puppy ad in the local newspaper, ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. How much time do I have to give to a dog?

  • a. Time for long walks and potty breaks?
  • b. Time for trips to the vet or the groomer?
  • c. Time for bathing and brushing?
  • d. Time for training - and obedience classes?
  • e. Time for ear scratching and tummy rubs?
  • f. Time to do the extra house cleaning a dog demands?

  • 2. Is there room in my house or apartment? And if I rent, will my landlord allow me to have a dog?

  • 3. Do I have a big yard where my dog can run and play - and if not, is there somewhere nearby where I can let him run?

  • 4. Does everyone in my household want a dog?

  • 5. Will others help with walking, exercise, bathing and grooming?

  • 6. Can I afford the upkeep on a dog?
  • a. Food and treats
  • b. Accessories like dishes, leashes, collars, beds, kennels, and toys
  • c. Spay or neuter, immunizations, and annual vet checkups
  • d. Grooming, if I choose a dog who needs regular haircuts
  • e. Veterinary care if my dog gets hurt or ill
  • f. A fence or dog run for when I'm not outside with him

    Remember, getting a dog is a huge commitment. And if you choose a puppy it is a huge test of your patience. It will be up to you to teach your new dog proper doggie behavior - and to clean up after him while he's learning.

    Once a dog becomes a member of your family it will be your responsibility to love and care for him for the rest of his life - and that could be 12 or 15 years, if he stays healthy. Some dogs require extra veterinary care in their senior years, and that can be expensive. Your dog will depend on you to provide whatever he needs - and he will deserve no less in exchange for the love and loyalty he'll give you.

Julia loves all animals, but has a special affinity for dogs. She helped found an animal rescue in her town and lives with 3 "rescue dogs" of her own. Or maybe she belongs to the three rescue dogs. In her spare time she writes fund raising letters for small rescues that can't afford to hire a writer.

Visit her website at for information about rescue, caring for your dog, how to choose a dog, dog stories and quotes, and more.

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