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Are You Right for A Dog

by Tammy Armstrong

Considering a New Pet A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to a home, but there are other things besides puppy training that will need to be considered before bringing home a new pet. It is very important to consider all aspects of owning a dog before you decide whether or not you are right for a dog. Bringing home a new puppy or an adopted dog will bring with it many challenges, and you must ask yourself if you are up to that challenge. Many people ask the question ?Is a dog right for me?? What they should be asking is ?Am I a right for a dog?? Many homes have families that are gone more than they are home. If you work long hours and can not give a dog the appropriate care they desire or need, this should be taken in to consideration. Here are some other things that you will need to consider before bringing home a new pet.

  • Where will he/she sleep
A dog should have its own place to sleep, it doesn?t have to be a room of its own, just a place to call his/her own. A soft washable bed in the corner of the family room is all they will need. It should be in a warm comfortable place. A kennel or crate is something that is always a good idea, and when properly trained dogs love their crate and offers him extra security. This is something that must be taken into consideration when thinking about getting a new puppy or dog.
  • The cost of owning a dog
Pure breeds can be expensive to purchase, so the cost of acquiring a puppy can be high. It is smart to have your new dog spade or neutered if you will not be breeding you dog. This will promote better health, reduces behavior problems like biting or running away. There will need to be vaccinations and regular check ups, and unforeseen visits to the vet.The cost of food is also something to be considered, a bigger dog will require a lot more food than a smaller one. Will your dog require grooming? If you choose a dog that needs to be groomed on a regular basis this should also be considered when choosing a new pet.Another cost that can be incurred is boarding your pet when you are out of town or on vacation. You may have a friend or family member that will be willing to take cake of your dog while you are away, but if this is not the case you will need an alternative solution.
  • What type of dog is best for you
Large dogs need plenty of exercise, so if you decide on bring a large dog into your home, you must have an adequate place for them to do this. If not you will want to plan on exercising him yourself. Breed and behavior is an important factor in choosing the right dog for your family. For instance very small dogs are best for owners who do not have small children. Terrier breeds can be hard to train, so if you do not have very much patients or very little time to spend training this may not be the best breed for you. Herding breeds such as Border Collies are best suited as a working dog because they need to stay busy, if they do not have something that keeps them occupied they will search for something to keep them busy and this can get them in trouble. There are so many things to consider when thinking about a new pet for you family. Do not take this task lightly.

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