Attention Dog Owners The Undercoats Are Coming Out Are You Ready Before Its Too Late

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Attention Dog Owners The Undercoats Are Coming Out Are You Ready Before Its Too Late

by Fonda Fletcher

Okay, maybe you are one of the few and far between who only has their dog shaved once a year which means matt haven city deluxe. If your baby is older this can result in many different medical malady; razor burns, which is very common when matt's are present since the clippers have to work at a higher rate of speed to slice through all of those clumps of hair. Cuts on the skin from shaving too close, older dogs usually have thinner more fragile skin which is easier to nick.

Also, older dogs tend to have what are referred to as skin tags, which come in different shapes and sizes under the skin as well as on top of their skin. Depending on the nature of your groomer hopefully they love what they are doing career wise and don't have a short fuse. This can and will cause physical and mental stress on your four legged child. Signs of stress in dog's can differ among the different personalities some will urinate and defecate other's will shake excessively.

To help your dog's hair from becoming 1 matted mooch, which most groomer's will charge you more money to clip them down. There are a few things that you as a pet owner can do to help out this situation from ever happening.

*Keep your dog groomed on a regular basis, no more than once every 6-8 weeks, sooner if you don't brush the dog on a regular schedule; at least once a week for the thinner coats, once every other day for the double coats; Lhasa Apso, ShihTzu's, etc.

*If you bathe your pet yourself do not massage the hair with the towel, this only causes matt's for the longer haired breeds.

*Dry the hair completely after shampooing before they roll their hair in the grass, rug, dirt, etc.

Do the tangle test for yourself, you be the judge; Take a metal tooth comb, a plastic one will work if you don't have a metal one. Comb the hair from the roots all the way to the end of the hair shaft, if your dog has long hair of course. If there is no resistance then you passed with flying colors, if not you need to make an appointment to have your dog professionally groomed.

If you keep up with your furry kid's grooming then this does not apply. Groomer's have to charge more money when your dog's are really matted, generally speaking one must clip the dog before they can bathe the dog since bathing only makes the matt's worse. Therefore if you clip a dirty dog the clipper blade becomes dull which in essence has to be sharpened, which the groomer must pay to have done.

Sharpening one blade can be anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 depending on the method whether you take them in somewhere or you have to mail them to some company. This incurs a shipping charge that the groomer has to pass on to the customer.

So in the long run it is much cheaper to have your pet groomed on a weekly or monthly schedule versus waiting a long period of time which worsens the matt situation. Causing more money for the customer, more time for the groomer, and last but not least you have a greater risk of cuts, nicks, razor burns, etc.

Some groomer's will refuse to do shave downs. Most groomer's will make you sign a medical waiver stating that if your pet is cut or injured due to the matt's the groomer is not liable for any medical treatment if needed.

Fonda Fletcher is a professional dog groomer who owns her own mobile dog grooming salon in Henderson,Nv. She has a lifetime of experience working with dogs. Dogs are her life, she likes to share her knowledge to help other dog owners who can benefit from her experience.

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